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Ida of Hainaut

F, b. circa 1085


Family: Thomas I de Coucy (b. 1073, d. 1130)


  • Birth: Ida of Hainaut was born circa 1085 in Hainaut, Walloon, Belgium.

Hawise of Evreux

F, b. 1118, d. 1152


Family: Robert I of Dreux (b. 1123, d. October 11, 1188)


  • Birth: Hawise of Evreux was born in 1118.
  • Marriage: She and Robert I of Dreux were married in 1145.
  • Death: Hawise of Evreux died in 1152, at age ~34.

Maud de Chaworth

F, b. circa 1101, d. 1145


Family: Walter Fitz-Edward, Of Salisbury, (b. circa 1087, d. 1147)


  • Birth: Maud de Chaworth was born circa 1101.
  • Death: She died in 1145.

Elisabeth de Lambersart

F, b. circa 1153

Family: Jean I of Nesle (b. 1153, d. 1214)


  • Birth: Elisabeth de Lambersart was born circa 1153.

Raoul of Nesle

M, b. circa 1130

Family: Gertrude of Flanders (b. 1134, d. 1186)


  • Birth: Raoul of Nesle was born circa 1130.

Gertrude of Flanders

F, b. 1134, d. 1186


Family: Raoul of Nesle (b. circa 1130)


  • Birth: Gertrude of Flanders was born in 1134 in Alsace-Lorraine, France.
  • Death: She died in 1186, at age ~52.

Amaury VI de Montfort

M, b. 1195, d. 1241


Family: Beatrix of Bourgogne (b. circa 1195)


  • Birth: Amaury VI de Montfort was born in 1195.
  • Death: He died in 1241, at age ~46, in Calabria, Italy.
  • Note: Duke of Narbonne Hee was the son of the elder Simon de Montfort and Alice of Montmorency, and the brother of the younger Simon de Montfort. He participated in the Albigensian Crusade under his father's command. He inherited the County of Toulouse when his father died, but gave up the territory to King Louis VIII in 1224. In 1230 Amaury became constable of France, an office previously held by his uncle Mathieu II of Montmorency. In 1239 he participated in the Sixth Crusade and was taken prisoner after the defeat at Gaza. He was imprisoned in Cairo and was freed in 1241, but died the same year in Calabria while on the journey home. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)

Beatrix of Bourgogne

F, b. circa 1195


Family: Amaury VI de Montfort (b. 1195, d. 1241)


  • Birth: Beatrix of Bourgogne was born circa 1195.

Simon IV de Montfort

M, b. 1160, d. June 25, 1218


Family: Alice of Montmorency (b. circa 1160, d. February 22, 1221)


  • Birth: Simon IV de Montfort was born in 1160.
  • Marriage: He and Alice of Montmorency were married in 1190.
  • Death: Simon IV de Montfort died on June 25, 1218, at age ~58, in Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France.
  • Note: 5th Earl of Leicester Baron de Montfort He was a French nobleman who took part in the Fourth Crusade (1202 - 1204) and was a prominent leader of the Albigensian Crusade. He died at the siege of Toulouse in 1218. He was the son of Simon III de Montfort, descended from the lords of Montfort l'Amaury in France near Paris, and Amicia de Beaumont. He succeeded his father as Baron de Montfort in 1181; in 1190 he married Alix de Montmorency, the daughter of Bouchard III de Montmorency. In 1191 his brother, Guy, left on the Third Crusade in the retinue of King Philip II of France. In 1199, while taking part in a tournament at Ecry-sur-Aisne, he heard Fulk of Neuilly preaching the crusade, and in the company of Count Thibaud de Champagne, he took the cross. The crusade soon fell under Venetian control, and was diverted to Zara on the Adriatic Sea. Pope Innocent III had specifically warned the Crusaders not to attack fellow Christians; Simon tried to reassure the citizens of Zara that there would be no attack, but nevertheless, the city was sacked in 1202. Simon did not participate in this action, and soon he left the Crusade altogether. Afterwards, under Venetian guidance the Crusaders sacked the city of Constantinople—the main trading rival to Venice. His mother was the eldest daughter of Robert de Beaumont, 3rd Earl of Leicester. After the death of her brother Robert de Beaumont, 4th Earl of Leicester without children in 1204, she inherited half of his estates, and a claim to the Earldom of Leicester. The division of the estates was effected early in 1207, by which the rights to the earldom were assigned to Amicia and Simon. However, King John of England took possession of the lands himself in February 1207, and confiscated its revenues. Later, in 1215, the lands were passed into the hands of Simon's nephew, Ranulph de Meschines, 4th Earl of Chester. Simon remained on his estates in France, where in 1208 he was made captain-general of the French forces in the Albigensian Crusade. Simon was given the territory conquered from Raymond VI of Toulouse. He became notorious and feared for his extreme cruelty, massacring whole towns, and for his "treachery, harshness, and bad faith." He was a man of extreme religious orthodoxy, deeply commited to the Dominican order and the suppression of heresy. In 1213 he defeated Peter of Aragon at the Battle of Muret. The Albigensians were now crushed, but Simon carried on the campaign as a war of conquest, being appointed lord over all the newly-acquired territory as Count of Toulouse and Duke of Narbonne (1215). He occupied himself in waging war at Nîmes, until in 1217 a rebellion broke out in Provence, where Count Raymond's son re-entered Toulouse. Simon hastened to besiege the city, and was killed on 25 June 1218 while fighting a sally by the besiegers. He was buried in the Monastery of Haute-Bruyère.

    Simon left three sons: his French estates passed to his eldest son, Amaury de Montfort, while his younger son, Simon, eventually gained possession of the earldom of Leicester and played a major role in the reign of Henry III of England. Another son, Guy, died at the seige of Castelnaudary in 1220. His daughter, Petronilla, became an abbess at the Cistercian nunnery of St. Antoine's. Another daughter, Amicia, founded the nunnery at Montargis and died there in 1252. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)

Alice of Montmorency

F, b. circa 1160, d. February 22, 1221


Family: Simon IV de Montfort (b. 1160, d. June 25, 1218)


  • Birth: Alice of Montmorency was born circa 1160 in Montmorency, Val-d'Oise, Île-de-France, France.
  • Marriage: She and Simon IV de Montfort were married in 1190.
  • Death: Alice of Montmorency died on February 22, 1221.
  • Note: After the death of her brother Robert de Beaumont, 4th Earl of Leicester without children in 1204, she inherited half of his estates, and a claim to the Earldom of Leicester. The division of the estates was effected early in 1207, by which the rights to the earldom were assigned to Amicia and Simon. However, King John of England took possession of the lands himself in February 1207, and confiscated its revenues. Later, in 1215, the lands were passed into the hands of Simon's nephew, Ranulph de Meschines, 4th Earl of Chester. (Wikipedia.)

Bouchard IV of Montmorency

M, b. circa 1080, d. 1132


Family 1: Agnes de Beaumont (b. circa 1080, d. January 12, 1124)

Family 2: Lauretta of Hainault (b. 1150, d. August 9, 1181)


  • Birth: Bouchard IV of Montmorency was born circa 1080.
  • Death: He died in 1132.

Amicia of Beaumont

F, b. circa 1142, d. September 3, 1215


Family: Simon de Evreux Count De Evreux (b. 1110, d. March 13, 1180)


  • Birth: Amicia of Beaumont was born circa 1142 in Leicestershire, England.
  • Death: She died on September 3, 1215.

Lauretta of Hainault

F, b. 1150, d. August 9, 1181


Family: Bouchard IV of Montmorency (b. circa 1080, d. 1132)


  • Birth: Lauretta of Hainault was born in 1150 in Hainaut, Walloon, Belgium.
  • Death: She died on August 9, 1181, at age ~31.

Herve of Montmorency

M, b. circa 1030, d. 1094


Family: Agnes D'eu (b. circa 1030)


  • Birth: Herve of Montmorency was born circa 1030.
  • Death: He died in 1094.

Agnes D'eu

F, b. circa 1030

Family: Herve of Montmorency (b. circa 1030, d. 1094)


  • Birth: Agnes D'eu was born circa 1030.

Bouchard III of Montmorency

M, b. circa 995


Family: Adeliza De Clermont (b. 1070)


  • Birth: Bouchard III of Montmorency was born circa 995.

Alix of Clermont

F, b. 1276, d. 1320


Family: William of Flanders (b. circa 1250, d. 1311)


  • Birth: Alix of Clermont was born in 1276 in Clermont, Oise, Picardie, France.
  • Death: She died in 1320, at age ~44.

Bouchard II of Montmorency

M, b. circa 970, d. 1020


Family: Elizabeth de Crecy (b. circa 961)


  • Birth: Bouchard II of Montmorency was born circa 970.
  • Death: He died in 1020.

Elizabeth de Crecy

F, b. circa 961

Family: Bouchard II of Montmorency (b. circa 970, d. 1020)


  • Birth: Elizabeth de Crecy was born circa 961 in Savoy, France.

Bouchard I of Montmorency

M, b. circa 940, d. 981


Family: Hildegarde of Blois (b. circa 940)


  • Birth: Bouchard I of Montmorency was born circa 940.
  • Death: He died in 981.
  • Note: Sire of Montmorency Montmorency is the name of one of the oldest and most distinguished families in France, derived from the city of Montmorency, now in the Val-d'Oise département, in the immediate neighborhood of Enghien-les-Bains and Saint-Denis, and about 9 m. N.N.W. of Paris.

    The family, since its first appearance in history in the person of Bouchard I of Montmorency in the 10th century, has furnished six constables and twelve marshals of France, several admirals and cardinals, numerous grand officers of the Crown and grand masters of various knightly orders, and was declared by Henry IV to be, after that of the Bourbons, the first house in Europe. (Wikipedia.)

Hildegarde of Blois

F, b. circa 940


Family: Bouchard I of Montmorency (b. circa 940, d. 981)


  • Birth: Hildegarde of Blois was born circa 940.

Alberic of Montmorency

M, b. circa 910



  • Birth: Alberic of Montmorency was born circa 910.

William of Flanders

M, b. circa 1250, d. 1311


Family: Alix of Clermont (b. 1276, d. 1320)


  • Birth: William of Flanders was born circa 1250.
  • Death: He died in 1311.
  • Note: Theobald I (died 16 January between 975 and 978), called the Cheater, was the first count of Blois, Chartres, and Châteaudun from 960, and Tours from 945. He was originally viscount of Tours from 928. He was the son and successor of Theobald the Old and Richilde, the widow of King Charles the Simple.

    Theobald was initially a vassal of Hugh the Great, Duke of France. Around 945, he catpured King Louis IV to the benefit of Hugh. In return for freedom, the king granted him the city of Laon. He took the title of "count" in Tours. He seized Chartres and Châteaudun and remarried his sister to Fulk II of Anjou. In 958, he met Fulk in Verron and the two described themselves as "governor and administrator [of the] kingdom [of Neustria]" and comites Dei gratia ("counts by the grace of God").

    Theobald's sister married Alan II of Brittany and Theobald governed the duchy during the minority of her son Drogo. Thus, Theobald extended his influence all the way to Rennes. In 960, he began opposing Richard I of Normandy and entered into a long war with the Normans. In 961, he attacked Évreux. The Normans responded by attacking Dunois. In 962, he launched an assault on Rouen which failed. The Normans burned Chartres in response. He took control of the fortresses of Saint-Aignan-sur-Cher, Vierzon, and Anguillon in Berry.

    During the minority of Hugh Capet, he reinforced Chartres and Châteaudun. Around 960, he built Saumur. By his death, he had built a vast power on the Loire, dominating central France. By his wife Luitgarde of Vermandois, widow of William I of Normandy, married between 942 and 945, he had four children. His daughter brought him the county of Provins, nucleus of the later county of Champagne. (Wikipedia.)

Beatrice de Sabran

F, b. 1188, d. 1215


Family: Guigues VI Andre of Burgundy (b. 1184, d. March 5, 1237)


  • Birth: Beatrice de Sabran was born in 1188 in Sabran, Languedoc-Roussillon, France.
  • Death: She died in 1215, at age ~27.

Isabelle of Bar

F, b. circa 1270


Family: Guy of Flanders (b. circa 1290, d. April 1345)


  • Birth: Isabelle of Bar was born circa 1270 in Bar-le-Duc, Meuse, France.