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Wilmer Reuben Huebner

M, b. September 12, 1909, d. November 6, 1988


Family: Lillie Elizabeth Schuler (b. June 23, 1913, d. April 27, 1962)


  • Birth: Wilmer Reuben Huebner was born on September 12, 1909 in Brillion, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Marriage: He and Lillie Elizabeth Schuler were married on October 5, 1932 in Waukegan, Lake Co, Illinois.
  • Death: Wilmer Reuben Huebner died on November 6, 1988, at age 79, in Appleton, Outagamie Co, Wisconsin.
  • Burial: He was buried in Brillion, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.

Reynold H Huebner

M, b. April 14, 1867, d. July 9, 1949


Family: Amanda Julitta Selma Stanelle (b. November 30, 1867, d. December 2, 1934)


  • Birth: Reynold H Huebner was born on April 14, 1867 in Calumet County, Wisconsin.
  • Marriage: He and Amanda Julitta Selma Stanelle were married on October 16, 1891 in Brillion, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Death: Reynold H Huebner died on July 9, 1949, at age 82, in Brillion, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Burial: He was buried in Forest Junction, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.

Amanda Julitta Selma Stanelle

F, b. November 30, 1867, d. December 2, 1934


Family: Reynold H Huebner (b. April 14, 1867, d. July 9, 1949)


  • Birth: Amanda Julitta Selma Stanelle was born on November 30, 1867 in Forest Junction, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Marriage: She and Reynold H Huebner were married on October 16, 1891 in Brillion, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Death: Amanda Julitta Selma Stanelle died on December 2, 1934, at age 67, in Calumet County, Wisconsin.
  • Burial: She was buried in Forest Junction, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.

August Martin Huebner

M, b. January 13, 1827, d. March 3, 1911

Family: Friederika Augusta Schubring (b. March 21, 1833, d. March 6, 1912)


  • Birth: August Martin Huebner was born on January 13, 1827.
  • Death: He died on March 3, 1911, at age 84.

Friederika Augusta Schubring

F, b. March 21, 1833, d. March 6, 1912


Family: August Martin Huebner (b. January 13, 1827, d. March 3, 1911)


  • Birth: Friederika Augusta Schubring was born on March 21, 1833.
  • Death: She died on March 6, 1912, at age 78.

Martin Gottlieb Schubring

M, b. 1900

Family: Maria Elizabeth Jahnke (b. August 27, 1800, d. April 24, 1889)


  • Birth: Martin Gottlieb Schubring was born in 1900 in Pommern, Cochem-Zell, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.
  • Marriage: He and Maria Elizabeth Jahnke were married in 1828 in Pommern, Cochem-Zell, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.

Maria Elizabeth Jahnke

F, b. August 27, 1800, d. April 24, 1889

Family: Martin Gottlieb Schubring (b. 1900)


  • Birth: Maria Elizabeth Jahnke was born on August 27, 1800 in Pomerania, Germany.
  • Marriage: She and Martin Gottlieb Schubring were married in 1828 in Pommern, Cochem-Zell, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany.
  • Death: Maria Elizabeth Jahnke died on April 24, 1889, at age 88, in Brillion, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Immigration: She immigrated on April 15, 1861.

Johann Gottlieb Stanelle

M, b. January 22, 1834, d. October 19, 1923


Family: Johanna Beate Franzke (b. December 21, 1838, d. October 27, 1925)


  • Birth: Johann Gottlieb Stanelle was born on January 22, 1834 in Kreis Militz, Breslau, Schlesian, Prussia.
  • Marriage: He and Johanna Beate Franzke were married on October 29, 1859 in Wroclaw (Breslau), Poland.
  • Death: Johann Gottlieb Stanelle died on October 19, 1923, at age 89, in Forest Junction, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Burial: He was buried in Forest Junction, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Note: Gottleib was confirmed at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Freyhan, Germany, on April 6, 1848. Gottleib and spouse left Hamburg, Germany, on March 15, 1862, on the vessel "Andrew" captained by B. Bohn. They arrived in New York on May 1, 1862. Information was found on a passenger ship list in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, Genealogy Library, listing them as Gottleib Stanelle (28), passenger #37, and his wife Beate. They settled in Waukesha, Wisconsin, for several years, working for Mr. Wagner, a prosperous farmer, who gave them some stock and supplies when they moved north to establish a homestead in the Forest Junction, Wisconsin, area. Two daughters had been born and died in Germany, and two sons had been born in Waukesha County, one dying there. Gottleib is believed to have had no brothers, and one sister who remained in Germany. However, an Anna (Krug) Stanelle, widow of a Reinhold Stanelle came to America with a young daughter, Pauline, and married Frederick Bloy on September 22, 1881. Daughter Pauline married Reinhold Knoespel on October 12, 1896, and had two children, Raymond and Alma Pauline. Anna, Pauline, and Alma Pauline are all buried at Forest Home Cemetary in Forest Junction, WI, but their exact relationship to Gottleib remains unknown.

    Gottleib and Beate bought their first land in the Town of Brillion, Calumet County, Wisconsin, one mile north of Forest Junction (100 acres for $700) on January 4, 1865. Legal was W1/2 of Sw1/4 and portion of W1/2 of SE1/4 of Sec 5 Twp 20N Range 20E. In 1900, son Harry took over the farm. A daughter of Harry, Norma Stanelle, lived on the homestead until sometime in the 1980's. A log cabin was originally built by Gottleib on the homestead, until a large 22 room house was completed in 1887. Across the road and to the east, Gottleib purchased land and built homes for sons (Ada Elda) Arthur, Layman, and Albert. Albert died at age 23 though, and his brother Franklin married his widow and took over the farm. Franklin died also only 14 years later. Three of the farms were still being farmed by Stanelle's in the 1980's: grandson Bert farming the original homestead, and great grandsons Robert Arthur and Maynard on two of the other farms. The original farm is now on Schmidt Road in Forest Junction, just west of Highway 57. Forest junction was established in 1873 by the crossing of the Lake Shore and Wisconsin Central railroads.

    It was at the homestead farm in 1894 that a vein of inflammable gas was tapped at 98 feet while drilling a well, throwing the drill 150 feet in the air. On May 31, 1900, Gottleib was the first one at the scene of the dynamite explosion that killed 6 members of the William Broehm family. The Stanelle's reminisced about these incidents and others at a family reunion in Appleton on August 25, 1968, attended by about 300 of the then 640 living descendants. Music was provided by a grandson of Gottleib, Frank Stanelle, Jr., and Ralph and Frank Stanelle III, of Neenah, known as the Tempo Tones.

    The large home built by Gottleib on the homestead had the first electric lights in the County, the first furnace in the County, and the first hot and cold running water in the house. Gottleib also owned the first car in the County. Gottleib signed a Declaration of Intent for U.S. citizenship on November 1, 1867, and finally became a citizen at age 61 on April 9, 1895.

    The following was taken from a local newspaper article upon his death:

    Gottleib Stanelle, one of the oldest residents of Calumet County, passed away on Friday, October 19th, at 5:30 o'clock at the home of his son, Harry Stanelle of Forest Junction. He aimed to reach the age of ninety and almost did. Aside from asthma, Stanelle enjoyed perfect health. During the last few years he became somewhat feeble but not too noticeably, for on the day preceding his death he was able to be with the family at mealtime.

    The funeral was held on Tuesday at 12:30 P.M from the Harry Stanelle home and services were held from Zion Evangelical Church in the village. Rev. A. F. Habermann read German services, while Rev. Herman Franzke of Seymour read English services. At the close of the services, the remains were accompanied to the family plot at Forest Home Cemetary. Pallbearers were Sullivan, Frank, Dewey, Albert, and Grover Stanelle, and Kurth Huebner, all grandsons of Forest Junction. Flowergirls were Margaret Stanelle of Chicago, Norma, Hattie, and Frances Stanelle, and Lucile Huebner of Forest Junction, all granddaughters. The funeral was one of the largest ever held in the vicinity of Forest Junction, evidencing in what esteem the old gentleman was held.

    The deceased Gottleib Stanelle was born in Germany, grew to manhood, and married there. In 1862 he and his wife came to this country, settling in Waukesha for @three years working on the farm of Mr. Wagner. In 1865 they came to the town of Brillion and settled on a farm near Forest Junction. On this tract they toiled until it developed into a choice farm, and now it was the delight of their old age to be able to enjoy that which they had made comfortable and fertile. In 1900 their son Harry took over the farm operations, but the aged couple continued to make it their home. Mr. Stanelle was a devout member of the Zion's Evangelical Church (Founded 1866) and attended services there regularly until the last six years, when the infirmities of advance age interfered somewhat. He was a man who tried out progressive methods on the farm and he told the good word to his neighbors who followed his advices which aimed for betterment. In school and town matters he showed interest and while he never held an office he gave his support in other ways.

    He leaves his aged widow, who will soon reach 85 years, one daughter (Selma) Mrs. Reinhold Huebner of Forest junction, four sons, Harry, Arthur, and Layman of Forest Junction, and Eberhardt of Chicago. Also 55 grandchildren and 20 greatgrandchildren. Two infant daughters died in Germany and an infant son in Waukesha. Two sons, Albert and Frank, and two daughters, Ida and Aspena passed away in Forest Junction.

Johanna Beate Franzke

F, b. December 21, 1838, d. October 27, 1925


Family: Johann Gottlieb Stanelle (b. January 22, 1834, d. October 19, 1923)


  • Birth: Johanna Beate Franzke was born on December 21, 1838 in Wroclaw (Breslau), Poland.
  • Marriage: She and Johann Gottlieb Stanelle were married on October 29, 1859 in Wroclaw (Breslau), Poland.
  • Death: Johanna Beate Franzke died on October 27, 1925, at age 86, in Forest Junction, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Note: Known as Beate (Bay-ta). Gave birth to 12 children, but three died at or shortly after birth, two teen daughters died in period of six months from "Black Diptheria" plague, and one son died of plague in early adulthood. One other son died in his thirties. Only five children lived to full adulthood and were alive at the death of their parents, Gottleib and Beate. The first two of her children were born and died in Germany, the next two in Waukesha, WI, one dying, and the rest on the homestead in Forest Junction, WI. See spouse for homestead information.

    Beate was raised as a Roman Catholic, but apparently converted to Protestantism in 1870, some years after marrying Gottleib. They both joined the Zion's Evangelical Church at Forest Junction, WI, and may have been among the founding families in 1866. It was originally founded and built in 1866 where the Forest Home Cemetery stands, but was moved in 1895 to its current site, building on land owned by a son. It later became Zion Evangelical United Brethren, and eventually Zion United Methodist. Many church records were unfortunately lost when the church safe was stolen. It should be noted also, that Beate's parents and brothers and sisters all eventually came to the U.S. within a few years.

    Brillion News - February 21, 1918 - Mrs. Gottleib Stanelle was taken to the Deaconess Hospital at Green Bay Monday for a serious operation.

    The following is from a newspaper article upon her death:

    Borne on the last earthly journey by six sturdy grandsons who served as pallbearers, the remains of Mrs. Beate Stanelle were committed to their final resting place in Forest Home Cemetary northwest of the village last Friday afternoon. At one o'clock there were brief religious services at the old home, an imposing structure which was one of the first large farm houses to be erected in this community more than thirty years ago. Services were continued at the Evangelical Church where the local pastor, the Rev. H. A. Franzke, assisted the Rev. A. C. Rabehl of Neenah, both of them relatives of the deceased. Rev. Franzke delivered a German sermon, while Rev. Rabehl spoke in English.

    Beate Stanelle, nee Franzke, was born near the city of Breslau in the Province of Silesia in Germany. Married to Johann Gottleib Stanelle in 1859, they came to America in 1862, settling first near Waukesha and then to their present location in Forest Junction and the town of Brillion. It was here that residence was maintained throughout the past 59 years, where the husband died in 1923, and where Mrs. Stanelle breathed her last on October 27, 1925. Although an invalid for a long time, her condition showed no change that morning at 6 o'clock, but when her room was checked at 7:30 o'clock, she had already expired. Relatives surviving include one daughter, four sons, 57 grandchildren, and 27 great-grandchildren. Nine children preceded their parents in death, three in Germany and six in the town of Brillion.

Gottlieb Stanelle

M, b. January 17, 1801


Family: Johanna Scheurich (b. August 19, 1809, d. March 27, 1891)


  • Birth: Gottlieb Stanelle was born on January 17, 1801 in Silesia, Poland.
  • Marriage: He and Johanna Scheurich were married on July 5, 1835 in Silesia, Poland.

Johanna Scheurich

F, b. August 19, 1809, d. March 27, 1891


Family: Gottlieb Stanelle (b. January 17, 1801)


  • Birth: Johanna Scheurich was born on August 19, 1809 in Schlabotschine, Schleisien, Prussia.
  • Marriage: She and Gottlieb Stanelle were married on July 5, 1835 in Silesia, Poland.
  • Death: Johanna Scheurich died on March 27, 1891, at age 81.

Gottfried Stanelle

M, b. 1780


Family: Elizabeth Nitschke (b. May 22, 1774)


  • Birth: Gottfried Stanelle was born in 1780.

Elizabeth Nitschke

F, b. May 22, 1774


Family: Gottfried Stanelle (b. 1780)


  • Birth: Elizabeth Nitschke was born on May 22, 1774 in Militsch, Schlesian, Prussia.

George Stanelle

M, b. 1740


Family: Rosina Tincken (b. circa 1740)


  • Birth: George Stanelle was born in 1740.

Christoph Stanelle

M, b. October 26, 1724




  • Birth: Christoph Stanelle was born on October 26, 1724 in Militsch, Schlesian, Prussia.

Martin Stanelle

M, b. 1697


Family: Maria Schubert (b. 1701)


  • Birth: Martin Stanelle was born in 1697 in Militsch, Schlesian, Prussia.

Maria Schubert

F, b. 1701


Family: Martin Stanelle (b. 1697)


  • Birth: Maria Schubert was born in 1701 in Gugelwitz, Schlesian, Prussia.

Andreas Stanelle

M, b. circa 1670



  • Birth: Andreas Stanelle was born circa 1670.

Andreas Schubert

M, b. circa 1670

Family: Maria Unknown (b. circa 1670)


  • Birth: Andreas Schubert was born circa 1670.

Maria Unknown

F, b. circa 1670

Family: Andreas Schubert (b. circa 1670)


  • Birth: Maria Unknown was born circa 1670.

Joseph Franzke

M, b. May 10, 1811, d. March 21, 1878

Family: Johanna Kirsch (b. December 1, 1812, d. March 29, 1895)


  • Birth: Joseph Franzke was born on May 10, 1811 in Poland.
  • Marriage: He and Johanna Kirsch were married in 1832 in Wroclaw (Breslau), Poland.
  • Death: Joseph Franzke died on March 21, 1878, at age 66, in Brillion, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Note: Joseph was the owner and operator of an international stagecoach line between Breslau in Prussia and points in Russia. It is said that at the time of the Black Death epidemic in Russia, they counted the black crosses painted on the front doors of the farm huts along the way. Large crosses indicated the death of an adult, small crosses the death of a child. As many as five to seven crosses were sometimes seen on a door.

    Johanna Beate, the second daughter of Joseph and Johanna, had married Gottleib Stanelle and already emigrated to America. Joseph and Johanna left Hamburg on April 15, 1864, on the ship "Main," piloted by Capt. Doll, and landed at Quebec. They traveled with their six unmarried children and their daughter Rosine and her husband, Reinhold Reim. It is said the weather was bad, and they had six difficult weeks on the Atlantic. Caroline, their oldest daughter, married to Karl Scholz, landed at New york on December 12, 1872, with their three sons and a daughter, Pauline, who was born in the New York harbor on December 11, 1872.

    All members of the family headed direct to Waukesha, WI, where Gottleib and Beate, plus friends from Germany, were already settled. They camped with these people while Joseph and his two older sons, Julius and August, when scouting on foot through the wilderness in search of a permanent location. Their purchase of 280 acres was made from the Federal Government on July 1, 1864, for $475. This land was in Brown County, WI, @3 miles due north of Forest Junction, legal of NE1/4 and E1/2 of NW1/4 and the NW1/4 of the SE1/4 Sec. 36 Twp 21 Range 19E. Soon a total of 365 acres were purchased (exact legal not known) and sold to sons Julius, August, and John. Julius farmed there until his death, when his son, August, took it over. August and John soon sold and moved to other areas. Appleton, WI, 15 miles to the west, was their nearest market place where they often hiked over a forest trail, carrying some produce to town and bringing back many a 100 lb sack of flour on their backs until they eventually purchased an ox. A year later they purchased a horse, and the horse and ox made up the first team in the area.

    Joseph was a total contrast to his tiny wife. He was physically a giant - tall, heavy, and muscular - known for his unusual strength. One time when a load of farm produce got mired in a rut in the road so that the horses could not move it, it is said he got down on his hands and knees and with his back under the rear axle, lifted the wagon out of the rut. Once when he was at the farmer's market at Appleton, where farmers brought their young piglets and other farm items to sell, a fight started between several farmers on the grounds. The policeman who was assigned to the market interfered to settle the fight, but the farmers then united in attacking the policeman, who called for help. Joseph heard the call and shouted in German, "Officer, I'm coming, I'm coming." Swinging his powerful arms to both sides, he cut a swath through the mass of farmers to the scene of the violence. He pushed the attackers aside, picked up the policeman by the collar, carried him out in the street, and told him to get out of there and go home.

    In spite of his unusual strength, he was not feared by anyone, but respected as a man who was known to be reasonable and righteous in any controversy, and well able to enforce his decisions. He was an exemplary citizen and model pioneer. His impressive and powerful physique was also enhanced by an unusually heavy head of jet black hair with a gentle wave in it. His head and hair were so massive, it was said that a bushel basket fitted neatly over it.

    When the Franzke family came from Germany, they were all members of the Catholic church, as were most of the other German families in the area. They first became members of the German Catholic church about 3 miles west of Hollandtown, WI. They did not like the role of the church priests in America as compared to Germany, and several of their children were the first to break away from the church. They organized the Evangelical Association of Wisconsin, building a small frame church at the site of the present Forest Home Cemetery site in Forest Junction. Later mergers led to the Evangelical United Brethren church, and then the United Methodist church. The current United Methodist church in Forest Junction stands on land that Joseph's son, August Franzke, owned. The Forest Home Cemetery remains today, and is the burial place of the original immigrants and many of their ancestors.

Johanna Kirsch

F, b. December 1, 1812, d. March 29, 1895

Family: Joseph Franzke (b. May 10, 1811, d. March 21, 1878)


  • Birth: Johanna Kirsch was born on December 1, 1812 in Poland.
  • Marriage: She and Joseph Franzke were married in 1832 in Wroclaw (Breslau), Poland.
  • Death: Johanna Kirsch died on March 29, 1895, at age 82, in Brillion, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Note: Mrs. Hannah Franzke, aged 83 years died at the home of Aug. Franzke last Friday. The funeral took place at the M. E. Church last Sunday, Rev. Reh??? Officiating.
    Brillion News – April 5, 1895.

Lillie Elizabeth Schuler

F, b. June 23, 1913, d. April 27, 1962


Family: Wilmer Reuben Huebner (b. September 12, 1909, d. November 6, 1988)


  • Birth: Lillie Elizabeth Schuler was born on June 23, 1913 in Neillsville, Clark Co, Wisconsin.
  • Marriage: She and Wilmer Reuben Huebner were married on October 5, 1932 in Waukegan, Lake Co, Illinois.
  • Death: Lillie Elizabeth Schuler died on April 27, 1962, at age 48, in Chilton, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.

Albert Berthold Schuler

M, b. February 24, 1882, d. April 9, 1955


Family: Margaret Nester (b. December 6, 1880, d. September 24, 1963)


  • Birth: Albert Berthold Schuler was born on February 24, 1882.
  • Marriage: He and Margaret Nester were married on May 4, 1905 in Brillion, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Divorce: Albert Berthold Schuler and Margaret Nester were divorced on March 10, 1942 in Chilton, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Death: Albert Berthold Schuler died on April 9, 1955, at age 73.

Margaret Nester

F, b. December 6, 1880, d. September 24, 1963


Family: Albert Berthold Schuler (b. February 24, 1882, d. April 9, 1955)


  • Birth: Margaret Nester was born on December 6, 1880 in Calumet, Houghton Co, Michigan.
  • Marriage: She and Albert Berthold Schuler were married on May 4, 1905 in Brillion, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Divorce: Margaret Nester and Albert Berthold Schuler were divorced on March 10, 1942 in Chilton, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Death: Margaret Nester died on September 24, 1963, at age 82.