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Thomas Stanley

M, b. 1405, d. February 11, 1458


Family: Joan Goushill (b. 1409, d. January 12, 1458)


  • Birth: Thomas Stanley was born in 1405 in Lathom, Lancashire, England.
  • Marriage: He and Joan Goushill were married in 1427.
  • Death: Thomas Stanley died on February 11, 1458, at age ~53, in Lancashire, England.
  • Note: Thomas Stanley became, as was his grandfather, Lord Lieutenant ofIreland, a post he held for six years. He was a warrior as well as anegotiator, and having served the offices of Comptroller of the Householdand Chamberlain to King Henry VI, was chosen Knight of the Shire and hadthe Garter conferred upon him, and eventually, January 20, 1456, emergedfrom among the County Gentry, and was summoned to the House of Peers, asBaron Stanley, a dignity that he did not, however, long enjoy, his deathoccurring three years later, in 1459. Following the example of others ofhis kin, he sought out an heiress for a mate and found a fitting wife inthe person of Joan Goushill, whose mother, Elizabeth, was daughter andco-heiress of Richard Fitz-Alan, Earl of Arundel, and consequently arepresentative in her person, not only of the family of d'Albini, as wellas that of the Earls of Warren, but of the blood royal of England, andbrought another quartering to the Stanley shield, that of Warren.

Joan Goushill

F, b. 1409, d. January 12, 1458


Family: Thomas Stanley (b. 1405, d. February 11, 1458)


  • Birth: Joan Goushill was born in 1409.
  • Marriage: She and Thomas Stanley were married in 1427.
  • Death: Joan Goushill died on January 12, 1458, at age ~49.
  • Note: Joan or Joanna Goushill married Thomas Stanley. (The name Joan is called Joanna in Latin. In the 32nd year of Queen Elizabeth, 1590, it was agreed that names Joan and Jane were to be all one name in the Court of the King's Bench.) Jean. Joan Gousell (Goushill) was daughter and coheir of Sir Robert Goushill of Hoveringham, Nottinghamshire, by Elizabeth, widow of first Sir William de Montagu, and second Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk, and daughter of Richard FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel. Joan married Thomas Stanley, Knight of the Garter, Lord of Lathom and Knowsley, 1st Baron Stanley, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, King's Chamberlain, Justice of the Counties of Chester, Flint and North Wales. Sir Thomas Stanley was the eldest son and of Sir John Stanley and Isabell Harington, daughter of Robert de Harington and Isabel Loring. Joan's husband, Sir Thomas, died on February 11, 1458/1459. It was through the effort of Joan Grousell's and Sir Thomas Stanley's sons, Thomas and William who turned against Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field, and their son-in-law Sir John Savage who was commander of the left wing of Henry Tudor's army that gave the crown to Henry Tudor. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)

John Stanley

M, b. circa 1386, d. November 27, 1437


Family: Isabel Harington (b. circa 1386)


  • Birth: John Stanley was born circa 1386.
  • Death: He died on November 27, 1437 in Wales, United Kingdom.
  • Note: John Stanley was Knight of the Shire, Constable of Carnarvon, Justice of Chester and Sheriff of Anglesley. He married Elizabeth Harrington.

    Sir John Stanley, King and Lord of Man and the Isles (c.1386 - 1437), the second of that name, was Knight Sheriff of Anglesey, Constable of Carnarvon, Justice of Chester, Steward of Macclesfield and titular King of the Isle of Man. He was installed as Knight of the Garter in 1404. His father Sir John de Stanley, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, had been granted the tenure of the Isle of Man under the title of King by Henry IV, and the younger Sir John succeeded to the Kingdom in 1414. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    John Stanley, Esq., succeeded at his father's death when he was about 23 or 24 years of age. He was a youth of great genius and vivacity of spirit, being early taken notice of at court and made Stewart of the king's household to King Henry VI, and was in the 5th of that king mado Constable of Carnarvon Castle in Wales, a position of great trust as well as hazard in those remote parts and unfettered times. For his services King Henry, in the 17th of his reign 1439, John Stanley, being then groom of the Bed chamber, gave him large possessions in Carnarvon and honoured him with Knighthood. He married Isabel, only daughter of Sir John Harrington, and sister and heir of William Harrington, who died without issue, and became mistress of the fine seat of Hornby Castle, near Lancaster, with all its appurtenances. (Kin of Mellcene Thurman Smith, page 166-167.)

Isabel Harington

F, b. circa 1386


Family: John Stanley (b. circa 1386, d. November 27, 1437)


  • Birth: Isabel Harington was born circa 1386 in Lancashire, England.

Robert Goushill

M, b. 1350

Family: Elizabeth Fitzalan (b. 1365, d. July 8, 1425)


  • Birth: Robert Goushill was born in 1350.

Elizabeth Fitzalan

F, b. 1365, d. July 8, 1425

Family: Robert Goushill (b. 1350)


  • Birth: Elizabeth Fitzalan was born in 1365 in Derbyshire, England.
  • Death: She died on July 8, 1425, at age ~60, in Heveringham, Nottingham, England.

Thomas Dutton

M, b. 1421, d. September 23, 1459


Family: Anne Touchet (b. circa 1421)


  • Birth: Thomas Dutton was born in 1421 in Dutton, Cheshire, England.
  • Death: He died on September 23, 1459, at age ~38, in Staffordshire, England.

Anne Touchet

F, b. circa 1421


Family: Thomas Dutton (b. 1421, d. September 23, 1459)


  • Birth: Anne Touchet was born circa 1421.

John De Dutton

M, b. 1403, d. 1445


Family: Margaret Savage (b. 1410, d. 1466)


  • Birth: John De Dutton was born in 1403 in Cheshire, England.
  • Marriage: He and Margaret Savage were married in 1418.
  • Death: John De Dutton died in 1445, at age ~42.

Margaret Savage

F, b. 1410, d. 1466


Family: John De Dutton (b. 1403, d. 1445)


  • Birth: Margaret Savage was born in 1410 in Cheshire, England.
  • Marriage: She and John De Dutton were married in 1418.
  • Death: Margaret Savage died in 1466, at age ~56, in Cheshire, England.

Piers Dutton

M, b. 1377, d. October 17, 1433

Family: Elizabeth Butler (b. 1379)


  • Birth: Piers Dutton was born in 1377 in Cheshire, England.
  • Death: He died on October 17, 1433, at age ~56, in Cheshire, England.

Elizabeth Butler

F, b. 1379

Family: Piers Dutton (b. 1377, d. October 17, 1433)


  • Birth: Elizabeth Butler was born in 1379.

John Savage

M, b. 1370, d. August 1, 1450


Family: Maud Matilda De Swynnerton (b. 1370)


  • Birth: John Savage was born in 1370 in Cheshire, England.
  • Death: He died on August 1, 1450, at age ~80, in Cheshire, England.

Maud Matilda De Swynnerton

F, b. 1370


Family: John Savage (b. 1370, d. August 1, 1450)


  • Birth: Maud Matilda De Swynnerton was born in 1370 in Staffordshire, England.

James Touchet

M, b. circa 1398, d. September 23, 1459


  • Father: John Touchet (b. April 23, 1371, d. December 19, 1408)

Family: Eleanor De Holland (b. circa 1405)


  • Birth: James Touchet was born circa 1398.
  • Death: He died on September 23, 1459.

Eleanor De Holland

F, b. circa 1405


Family: James Touchet (b. circa 1398, d. September 23, 1459)


  • Birth: Eleanor De Holland was born circa 1405.

John Touchet

M, b. April 23, 1371, d. December 19, 1408



  • Birth: John Touchet was born on April 23, 1371.
  • Death: He died on December 19, 1408, at age 37.

Edmund De Holland

M, b. January 6, 1381, d. September 15, 1408

Family: Constance Plantagenet (b. 1374, d. November 28, 1416)


  • Birth: Edmund De Holland was born on January 6, 1381.
  • Death: He died on September 15, 1408, at age 27.

Constance Plantagenet

F, b. 1374, d. November 28, 1416

Family: Edmund De Holland (b. January 6, 1381, d. September 15, 1408)


  • Birth: Constance Plantagenet was born in 1374.
  • Death: She died on November 28, 1416, at age ~42.

Richard Rugge

M, b. circa 1450

Family: Margaret Moreton (b. circa 1450)


  • Birth: Richard Rugge was born circa 1450.

Margaret Moreton

F, b. circa 1450

Family: Richard Rugge (b. circa 1450)


  • Birth: Margaret Moreton was born circa 1450.

Alexander Radcliffe

M, b. circa 1473, d. February 5, 1548


Family: Alice Booth (b. circa 1473)


  • Birth: Alexander Radcliffe was born circa 1473 in Lancashire, England.
  • Death: He died on February 5, 1548.

Alice Booth

F, b. circa 1473

Family: Alexander Radcliffe (b. circa 1473, d. February 5, 1548)


  • Birth: Alice Booth was born circa 1473.

John Radcliffe

M, b. circa 1450, d. April 12, 1497


Family: Elizabeth Brereton (b. circa 1450)


  • Birth: John Radcliffe was born circa 1450.
  • Death: He died on April 12, 1497.

Elizabeth Brereton

F, b. circa 1450

Family: John Radcliffe (b. circa 1450, d. April 12, 1497)


  • Birth: Elizabeth Brereton was born circa 1450.