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Margaret Wilhelmina Baumann

F, b. November 12, 1884, d. May 23, 1959


Family: Carl Lomker (b. circa 1880)


  • Birth: Margaret Wilhelmina Baumann was born on November 12, 1884 in Bavaria, Germany.
  • Marriage: She and Carl Lomker were married on October 6, 1904.
  • Death: Margaret Wilhelmina Baumann died on May 23, 1959, at age 74, in Clintonville, Waupaca Co, Wisconsin.

Johann Leonhardt Baumann

M, b. November 29, 1876, d. October 28, 1940



  • Birth: Johann Leonhardt Baumann was born on November 29, 1876 in Bavaria, Germany.
  • Death: He died on October 28, 1940, at age 63, in Red Springs, Shawano Co, Wisconsin.

Martin Baumann

M, b. March 16, 1872, d. April 14, 1957



  • Birth: Martin Baumann was born on March 16, 1872 in Bavaria, Germany.
  • Death: He died on April 14, 1957, at age 85, in Shawano County, Wisconsin.

Faolan MacCormac King Of Diesi Muman

M, b. circa 900, d. 966



  • Birth: Faolan MacCormac King Of Diesi Muman was born circa 900.
  • Death: He died in 966.

John Saint John

M, b. 1225, d. September 29, 1302


Family: Alice Fitz-Piers (b. circa 1234)


  • Birth: John Saint John was born in 1225 in Basing, Hampshire, England.
  • Marriage: He and Alice Fitz-Piers were married in June 1256.
  • Death: John Saint John died on September 29, 1302, at age ~77.

Alice Fitz-Piers

F, b. circa 1234

Family: John Saint John (b. 1225, d. September 29, 1302)


  • Birth: Alice Fitz-Piers was born circa 1234 in Basing, Hampshire, England.
  • Marriage: She and John Saint John were married in June 1256.

Robert Saint John

M, b. circa 1199, d. March 1266


Family: Agnes Cantilupe (b. 1200, d. 1279)


  • Birth: Robert Saint John was born circa 1199 in Basing, Hampshire, England.
  • Death: He died in March 1266.

Agnes Cantilupe

F, b. 1200, d. 1279


Family: Robert Saint John (b. circa 1199, d. March 1266)


  • Birth: Agnes Cantilupe was born in 1200 in Hambleden, Berkshire, England.
  • Death: She died in 1279, at age ~79, in Basing, Hampshire, England.

William Saint John

M, b. circa 1173


Family: Godechild Paynell (b. circa 1177)


  • Birth: William Saint John was born circa 1173 in Sussex County, England.

Godechild Paynell

F, b. circa 1177

Family: William Saint John (b. circa 1173)


  • Birth: Godechild Paynell was born circa 1177.

Adam De Port

M, b. 1151, d. June 25, 1213


Family: Sybil De Braiose (b. circa 1151)


  • Birth: Adam De Port was born in 1151 in Bramber, Sussex, England.
  • Death: He died on June 25, 1213, at age ~62.

Sybil De Braiose

F, b. circa 1151


Family 1: William V Earl of Derby Ferrers (b. 1140, d. December 31, 1189)

Family 2: Adam De Port (b. 1151, d. June 25, 1213)


  • Birth: Sybil De Braiose was born circa 1151 in Bramber, Sussex, England.


F, b. circa 1127

Family: John De Port (b. circa 1117)


  • Birth: Maude was born circa 1127 in Bramber, Sussex, England.

John De Port

M, b. circa 1117


Family: Maude (b. circa 1127)


  • Birth: John De Port was born circa 1117 in Basing, Hampshire, England.

Henry De Port

M, b. circa 1085


Family: Hawise (b. circa 1090)


  • Birth: Henry De Port was born circa 1085 in Basing, Hampshire, England.


F, b. circa 1090

Family: Henry De Port (b. circa 1085)


  • Birth: Hawise was born circa 1090 in Southamptonshire, England.

Hugh De Port

M, b. circa 1060

Family: Orenge (b. circa 1064)


  • Birth: Hugh De Port was born circa 1060 in Basing, Hampshire, England.


F, b. circa 1064

Family: Hugh De Port (b. circa 1060)


  • Birth: Orenge was born circa 1064 in Southamptonshire, England.

William II De Braiose

M, b. circa 1160


Family: Bertha De Pitres Of Hereford (b. circa 1150)


  • Birth: William II De Braiose was born circa 1160 in Bramber, Sussex, England.
  • Note: William was very fortunate in his marriage to Berta. All of her brothers died young without heirs so she brought a number of important lordships to the de Braoses in 1166. These included Brecon and Abergavenny. William became Sheriff of Hereford in 1174. His interest in Sussex was maintained as he confirmed the grants of his father and grandfather for the maintenance of Sele Priory and extended St. Mary's, Shoreham. Son of Philip de Braose and Aanor; m. Bertha de Pitres; father of: 1. William, 4th Lord of Bramber 2. Maud who m. John de Brompton 3. Sibilla who m.1 William de Ferrars and m.2 Adam de Port 4. Berta who m. William de Beauchamp 5. Roger ["Barons de Braose" William de Braose, third lord of Bramber, succeeded his father Philip in about 1137. He was involved in one of the stranges events of the civil war during King Stephen's reign, when the throne was contested by Henry I's daughter Matilda. In 1139 Matilda landed with a force at Arundel. Stephen besieged her at the castle and could have put an end to her ambitions there and then. But his chivalric spirit was roused by the lady of the castle, Matilda's stepmother, Adeliza. She bargained for an end to the siege and to the continuint astonishment of historians, the king provided Matilda with an escort to Bristol. From there Matilda relaunched her long and bloody campaign for the throne. William de Braose was selected as a member of Matilda's escort. William emerged from the civil war in a position of strength and began the rapid expansion of the family interests in Wales. His marriage to Bertha, daughter of Miles of Gloucester, earl of Hereford proved to be an exceptionally fortunate match. Berta brought the lordships of Brecon and Abergavenny for the de Braoses. These, added to the existing family lands of Radnor and Builth, were a formidable power base in the Welsh marches. It was the start of a legend in Wales. There are many fanciful stories about the successive de Braose barons and their wives and daughters. They committed ferocious atrocities and wielded breathtaking power in their domains. The family also suffered some catastrophies falls but made remarkable recoveries. William attended the 1164 council at Clarendon in support of Henry II during the dispute with Thomas Becket. He went to Ireland with his younger brother Philip, who made his name fighting with Henry II. Scotland invaded the north in 1173 and the king's own sons fomented rebellion. During this crisis Henry appointed the tough marcher lord as his sheriff in Herefordshire. William held the position for a year until September 1175. His son then took charge of the Welsh lordships and later, under King John, he extended them still further. ["Barons de Braose" ABERGAVENNY, YFENNI (Monmouthshire) The Romans recognised the importance of the point where the rivers Gavenny and Usk meet, and there built a fort which they called Gobannium c. 50AD. The Normans who were quick to take advantage of teh site, as they were with so many other Roman establishments, adopted Gobannium and adapted it to their own needs. Hamelin de Ballon was responsible for the initial assertion of the invaders' occupation, which was consolidated by the founding of the town. The earth and timber stronghold was repolaced by a masonry construction, and it maintained its prestige over many generations as the headquarters of the Norman lordship of Abergavenny, and proved suitable for entertaining royalty. When it passed into the hands of William de Braose, the castle took on the appalling character of a Greek Tragedy, for in 1175 he invited Seisyllt ap Dyfnwal, the leader of the Welsh in Gwent Uwchcoed, together with his son, and other prominent Welshmen of the locality, to celebrate Christmas. Not only were all the guests murdered, but de Braose's men then set upon Seisyllt's Castell Arnallt, destroying it and murdering his wife and his young child. This attempt to debilitate the spirit of the Welsh did no more than to excite the men of Gwent to retaliate with unalloyed hostility. Abergavenny Castle was attacked by them under the command of Hywel ap Iorwerth who 'burnt the whole place down'. They then went in search of de Braose and his men but, although they succeeded in killing his sheriff, he himself escaped. [The Castles of Wales, p. 29].
  • Occupation: He was a Lord Of Bramber.

Bertha De Pitres Of Hereford

F, b. circa 1150


Family: William II De Braiose (b. circa 1160)


  • Birth: Bertha De Pitres Of Hereford was born circa 1150 in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England.

Philip De Braiose

M, b. circa 1080, d. 1155


Family: Aenor De Totnais (b. circa 1084)


  • Birth: Philip De Braiose was born circa 1080 in Bramber, Sussex, England.
  • Death: He died in 1155.
  • Note: Baron of Braose and Lord of Radnor and Builth.

Aenor De Totnais

F, b. circa 1084


Family: Philip De Braiose (b. circa 1080, d. 1155)


  • Birth: Aenor De Totnais was born circa 1084 in Barnstable, Devon, England.

William De Braiose

M, b. circa 1049, d. 1087


Family: Agnes De St Clare (b. circa 1053)


  • Birth: William De Braiose was born circa 1049 in Brienze, Normandy, France.
  • Death: He died in 1087 in Bramber, Sussex, England.

Agnes De St Clare

F, b. circa 1053


Family: William De Braiose (b. circa 1049, d. 1087)


  • Birth: Agnes De St Clare was born circa 1053 in Barnstable, Devon, England.

Robert Brus

M, b. circa 1030


Family: Emma De Bretagne (b. circa 1023, d. circa 1094)


  • Birth: Robert Brus was born circa 1030 in Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland.