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Katherina Nilles

F, b. September 22, 1871, d. April 27, 1960


Family: Nicholas Britten (b. December 30, 1866, d. March 14, 1936)


  • Birth: Katherina Nilles was born on September 22, 1871 in Germany.
  • Marriage: She and Nicholas Britten were married in 1890.
  • Death: Katherina Nilles died on April 27, 1960, at age 88, in Kaukauna, Outagamie Co, Wisconsin.
  • Burial: She was buried in St Mary Cemetery, Hilbert, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Note: Mrs. Katherine Britten, 87, of 429 Kline Street, Kaukauna, died at 5 p.m. Wednesday in Kaukauna after a short illness. She was born Sept. 22, 1872, in Germany, and had lived in Kaukauna since 1918. She was a gold star mother.
    Funeral services will be at 9 a.m. Saturday at ST. Mary Catholic church, Kaukauna. Friends may call at the Greenwood Funeral home, Kaukauna, after 2 p.m. Friday. The rosary will be recited at 8 p.m. Friday. Burial will be in St. Mary cemetery, Hilbert.
    Mrs. Britten sis survived by two daughters, Mrs. Earl Brooks, Burley, Wash., and Mrs. Ralph Kuehl, Kaukauna; five sons, Joseph, Crivitz, Nicholas, Eau Claire, Frank, Island Lake, Wis., Harold, Elkhart Lake, and Raymond, Kaukauna; Two sisters, Mrs. Mary Auerdick, Iron Mt., Mich., and Mrs. Margaret Baer, Chilton; 22 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren.

Kelli Schroedl


Family: Paul Steven Dercks

Rose S Dercks

F, b. December 5, 2002, d. December 5, 2002



  • Birth: Rose S Dercks was born on December 5, 2002.
  • Death: She died on December 5, 2002, at age 0, in Madison, Dane Co, Wisconsin.
  • Note: Dercks, Rose S.


    Infant daughter of Paul and Kelli Dercks, Oakfield, died Thursday, December 5, 2002, at St. Mary Hospital, Madison. She is survived by her parents, her paternal grandparents: Stanley and Helen Dercks, Kaukauna three aunts and an uncle: Mary (John) Bachhuber, Appleton Cathy (Mitch) Spoehr, Town of Vandenbroek Michael Dercks, Kaukauna Cheryl Dercks, Kaukauna paternal great-grandparents, Ben and Claire Dercks, Kaukauna Mary Biese, Kaukauna. She is further survived by cousins. A private service will be held.

    Mach Funeral Chapel

    31 East Division Street

    Fond du Lac.
  • Descendant of an Immigrant on: America
  • Descendant of an Immigrant on: Libra
  • Descendant of an Immigrant on: Maria Magdalena

John Bachhuber



Arnoldus Maendoncks

M, b. June 13, 1735


Family 1: Joanna Peter Sanders (b. July 17, 1744, d. July 2, 1822)

Family 2: Johanna VanHijmbergen (b. March 4, 1746)


  • Birth: Arnoldus Maendoncks was born on June 13, 1735 in Bladel, Noord Brabant, Netherlands.
  • Marriage: He and Joanna Peter Sanders were married on June 15, 1764 in Bladel, Noord Brabant, Netherlands.
  • Marriage: Arnoldus Maendoncks and Johanna VanHijmbergen were married on July 21, 1774 in Bladel, Noord Brabant, Netherlands.

Joanna Peter Sanders

F, b. July 17, 1744, d. July 2, 1822


Family 1: Arnoldus Maendoncks (b. June 13, 1735)

Family 2: Johannis VanSchijndel (b. circa 1740)


  • Birth: Joanna Peter Sanders was born on July 17, 1744 in Breugel, Noord Brabant, Netherlands.
  • Marriage: She and Arnoldus Maendoncks were married on June 15, 1764 in Bladel, Noord Brabant, Netherlands.
  • Death: Joanna Peter Sanders died on July 2, 1822, at age 77, in Sint Michielsgestel, Noord Brabant, Netherlands.

Petrus Sanders

M, b. August 24, 1713


Family: Margaretha Joannes Lathauers (b. circa 1710)


  • Birth: Petrus Sanders was born on August 24, 1713 in Breugel, Noord Brabant, Netherlands.

Margaretha Joannes Lathauers

F, b. circa 1710


Family: Petrus Sanders (b. August 24, 1713)


  • Birth: Margaretha Joannes Lathauers was born circa 1710.

Hugo De Dunstanville

M, b. circa 1028


  • Birth: Hugo De Dunstanville was born circa 1028.

Humphrey Deinsula Delisle

M, b. circa 1032



  • Birth: Humphrey Deinsula Delisle was born circa 1032.

Philip Fitz-Robert

M, b. circa 1130



  • Birth: Philip Fitz-Robert was born circa 1130.

Matthew De Lovaine

M, b. circa 1185


Family: Muriel Amy (b. circa 1190, d. 1275)


  • Birth: Matthew De Lovaine was born circa 1185 in Drinkstone, Suffolk, England.

Muriel Amy

F, b. circa 1190, d. 1275

Family: Matthew De Lovaine (b. circa 1185)


  • Birth: Muriel Amy was born circa 1190.
  • Death: She died in 1275.

Godfrey De Lovaine

M, b. circa 1165, d. circa April 26, 1226


Family: Alice Hastings (b. circa 1160)


  • Birth: Godfrey De Lovaine was born circa 1165 in Lorraine, France.
  • Death: He died circa April 26, 1226 in Eye, Suffolk, England.

Alice Hastings

F, b. circa 1160


Family: Godfrey De Lovaine (b. circa 1165, d. circa April 26, 1226)


  • Birth: Alice Hastings was born circa 1160 in Estaines, England.

Godfrey III Duke Lorraine

M, b. 1142, d. August 10, 1190


Family 1: Imaine Of Loos (b. circa 1142)

Family 2: Margaret of Limburg (b. 1145)


  • Birth: Godfrey III Duke Lorraine was born in 1142 in Lorraine, France.
  • Death: He died on August 10, 1190, at age ~48.
  • Note: Duke of Lower Lotharingia (Lothier) and landgrave of Brabant.

    Godfrey III (d.1190) was the count of Leuven (or Louvain) and Brussels, landgrave of Brabant, margrave of Antwerp, and duke of Lower Lorraine (as Godfrey VIII) from 1142 to his death. He was the son of Godfrey II and Lutgarde of Sulzbach. He was an infant at his succession and the petty lords immediately sought to benefit from his minority to increase their own wealth and power. The abbey of Grimbergen was burnt in 1142. Only with the preaching of the Second Crusade was a truce effected.

    On 30 March 1147, Godfrey was present at the coronation of Henry Berengar, the son of Conrad III of Germany, in Aachen. When Conrad left on Crusade, the wars began anew in 1148. Peace was elusive until the election of Conrad's successor, Frederick Barbarossa. By marriage to Margaret, daughter of Henry II of Limburg, Godfrey united the two most powerful and antagonistic houses in the region. In 1159, Godfrey embarked on a decade-long war with his vassals, the Berthout. In 1171, Godfrey was at war with Hainault, where he was defeated. At that point he associated his son Henry with the ducal throne. In 1179, he married his son to a niece of Philip of Alsace, Count of Flanders. With this marriage, he yielded the counties of Brussels and Aerschodt.

    He left his son behind as regent when he went on Crusade between 1182 and 1184. In the interim, Barbarossa gave Henry the title "Duke of Brabant". Godfrey died in 1190, between 10 and 21 August. He left an increased patrimony. He had built the fortress of Nedelaer. The ducal title was transmitted to his son by the Diet of Schwäbisch Hall. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)

Imaine Of Loos

F, b. circa 1142

Family: Godfrey III Duke Lorraine (b. 1142, d. August 10, 1190)


  • Birth: Imaine Of Loos was born circa 1142.

Godefroi II Duke Lothier

M, b. 1095, d. June 13, 1142


Family: Luitgard Countess Of Sulzbach (b. circa 1109)


  • Birth: Godefroi II Duke Lothier was born in 1095 in Lorraine, France.
  • Death: He died on June 13, 1142, at age ~47.
  • Occupation: He was a Count of Louvain.

Luitgard Countess Of Sulzbach

F, b. circa 1109


Family: Godefroi II Duke Lothier (b. 1095, d. June 13, 1142)


  • Birth: Luitgard Countess Of Sulzbach was born circa 1109 in Sulzbach, Aichach-Friedberg, Bayern, Germany.

Godfrey Of Lorraine

M, b. 1060, d. January 25, 1138


Family: Ide De Namur (b. circa 1070, d. 1117)


  • Birth: Godfrey Of Lorraine was born in 1060 in Brabant, Louvaine, France.
  • Marriage: He and Ide De Namur were married in 1099 in Belgium.
  • Death: Godfrey Of Lorraine died on January 25, 1138, at age ~78, in Jerusalem, Judah, Israel.
  • Occupation: He was a La Barbe, Count Of Lorrai.
  • Note: Duke of Lower Lotharingia (as Godfrey VI) Count of Brussels and Leuven He was the son of Henry II, Count of Lorraine and Adelaid of Orlamuda, daughter of Count Eberhard. He married Ida, daughter of Otto II, Count of Chiny and Adelaide of Namur. Godfrey and Ida had children Adeliza, of Louvain (b. 1103-23 Apr. 1151), who married firstly, Henry I, King of England and secondly William D'Aubigny (1109-12 Oct. 1176); and Godfrey II Count of Louvain (d. 1143), who married Luitgarde of Sultzbach, daughter of Berenger I, Count of Sultzbach. or 1140Duke of Lower Lotharingia, Landgrave of Brabant, Count of Brussels and Leuven, also known as Godfrey the Bearded, was a nobleman in what is now Belgium and the Netherlands. As Duke of Lower Lotharingia, he is usually named Godfrey VI. Godfrey was accorded the Duchy of Lower Lotharingia in 1106 by the German Emperor, despite rival claims from the House of Limburg. He was deposed by the King of Germany Lothair III in 1129, but nevertheless maintained the title. Godfrey was the son of Henry II of Leuven and a countess called Adela (origin unknown). He married Ida, daughter of Otto II of Chiny and Adelaide of Namur. Later, he married to Clementia of Bourgogne, and they have one son. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)

Ide De Namur

F, b. circa 1070, d. 1117


Family: Godfrey Of Lorraine (b. 1060, d. January 25, 1138)


  • Birth: Ide De Namur was born circa 1070 in Namur, Belgium.
  • Marriage: She and Godfrey Of Lorraine were married in 1099 in Belgium.
  • Death: Ide De Namur died in 1117.
  • Occupation: She was a Duchess.

Henry II Count Lorraine

M, b. 1021, d. 1078


Family: Adele Countess Beteau (b. circa 1040)


  • Birth: Henry II Count Lorraine was born in 1021 in Brabant, Louvaine, France.
  • Death: He died in 1078, at age ~57.

Adele Countess Beteau

F, b. circa 1040


Family: Henry II Count Lorraine (b. 1021, d. 1078)


  • Birth: Adele Countess Beteau was born circa 1040 in France.
  • Occupation: She was an Alix.

Lambert III Of Lorraine

M, b. circa 999, d. September 21, 1062


Family: Oda Princess Of Lorraine (b. circa 1003, d. October 23, 1044)


  • Birth: Lambert III Of Lorraine was born circa 999 in Lorraine, France.
  • Death: He died on September 21, 1062.
  • Occupation: He was a Baudry.