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Isaac Dayton

M, b. circa 1655

Family: Rebecca Tuttle (b. circa 1664)


  • Birth: Isaac Dayton was born circa 1655.
  • Marriage: He and Rebecca Tuttle were married in 1684.

Rebecca Tuttle

F, b. circa 1664


Family: Isaac Dayton (b. circa 1655)


  • Birth: Rebecca Tuttle was born circa 1664.
  • Marriage: She and Isaac Dayton were married in 1684.

William Tuttle

M, b. December 26, 1607, d. June 6, 1673




  • Birth: William Tuttle was born on December 26, 1607 in Northamptonshire, England.
  • Death: He died on June 6, 1673, at age 65, in New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut.
  • Note: Illiam Tuttle (1607-1673) and his wife Elizabeth came to America on the ship "Planter" in 1635. William was 26 and Elizabeth 23. They had three children with them ranging in age from 3-1/2 years to 3 months and nine more were born in America. One daughter, Elizabeth married Richard Edwards and became the ancestress of many distinguished Americans including Jonathan Edwards, Aaron Burr, Winston Churchill, Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Grover Cleveland and General U.S. Grant. William was born on December 24, 1607 in Ringstead, Northamptonshire and was baptized there on December 26. William, his wife, Elizabeth Mathews, three children, and a brother John came to New England in the ship Planter in 1635. William's age was put at twenty-six years, his wife Elizabeth's at 23 years, John, their eldest child at 3 1/2 years, Ann, 2 1/2 years, and Thomas at three months.They first settled in Boston, where his Elizabeth joined the church on July 24, 1636. They removed to New Haven in 1639, early enough for William to become one of the 16 original proprietors. He subscribed to the Fundamental Agreement of that plantation on June 4, his name being one of the sixteen to which the Secretary when he copied the document into the record book accorded the prefix of respect "Mister."He resided in that part of the town now called North Haven, and was there in 1659, on land that belonged to the estate of Governor Eaton. He was a subscriber to the compact for the settlement of East Haven. In the list of planters and estates wrongly headed 1643 in the printed copy, but which must be placed about 1640, his family consisted of seven persons and his estate was rated at £450, well above the average size.William was the equal, socially, of any of the colonists, yet though his name often appears in the records as busied in the small affairs of the town, on committees and "boards of arbitration," he was never elected to public office nor, apparently, ran or put himself forward for office. One interesting record notes that "Mr. Wm Tutle" was fined in 1646 for falling asleep at the watch-house.There was a connection between the Tuttles and the family of Robert Hill, for after Hill died in 1663, there were negotiations for Hill's widow (a second wife) to give up her interest in her youngest Hill stepchild and for the Tuttles to raise him, "Mrs. Tuttle being next akinne." Perhaps Elizabeth Tuttle was aunt or a much older sister or Robert Hill or of Hill's first (unknown) wife, whose children were born between 1647 and 1659. On June 7, 1664, "Mr. Tuttle informed the Court, that his Cousin, Widdow Hill, had come to tearmes of agreemt." At the same court, Mr. Tuttle showed his humanity by making a plea in behalf of a young girl who had been found guilty of pilfering and other mischief. He said "that though her sin had been very great yet he did much pitty her & would doe her all the good he Could & he therefore desired the Court would shew her what favour they could & that she might be in such a place & family where she might enjoy the meanes of grace & be well educated for the good of her soule: The Court told her that shee sees how her unkle is affected towards her for her soules good" and proceeded to sentence "That shee be publikely & severely whipped to morrow after Lecture, that others may heare & feare & doe no more soe wickedly." How this girl, Azuba Lampson, was related to the Tuttles, is not known. She was the orphan daughter of Thomas Lampson, who died December 28, 1663, by his unknown first wife. Her mother may have been a sister of Elizabeth Tuttle. Perhaps William felt empathy because of what his own daughter, Sarah, experienced in the courts.William died in June 1673 at the age of 64 years. His death was apparently unexpected because he was in court only two weeks before his death completing a land transaction, and because he left no will [will is found and attached below]. His estate was valued at £440.Elizabeth Tuttle died December 30 1684, aged 76 years. She had been living with her youngest son, Nathaniel, who, at a court held in New Haven, July 28 1685, presented her will, but the other children objected and the court would not allow it. The inventory, taken February 3, 1685 by Moses Mansfield and John Alling. Her tombstone was removed with the others in 1821 from the Old Green in the Grove street cemetery of New Haven, and it now stands in the row along the north wall of that enclosure. A part of the inscription is still plain: a part is obscure by the crumbling of the stone, and a part is entirely gone.In her widowhood, Elizabeth faced several family crises which very few would have the courage to face or the strength to endure. Although many of William and Elizabeth Tuttle's descendants are famous for intellectual brilliance, some of their own children became noted for homicidal insanity.LEASE READ THE NOTES AND SEE: Robert Charles Anderson, "The Great Migration," sketches for Joane's second husband John Tuttle. Robert Charles Anderson, "The Great Migration, Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635", volume VII, T-Y (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2011)Also see data about Joane's children John, Thomas and William Lawrence. Please also see document from The Thomas Book in Memories that shows the members of this family that immigrated to America together. The Great Migration data is in agreement. There were three distinct families by the name of Tuttle that arrived in Boston on the "Planter" 7 June 1635.They were JOHN TUTTLE, aged 39, mercer of St. Albans, Hertfordshire who settled at Ipswich; he had been married at St. Albans to Joan or Mrs. Joane Antrobus Lawrence and came on the Planter with Joan, age 42, John Lawrence age 17, William Lawrence, age 12, Marie Lawrence, age 9, Abigail Tuttell, age 6, Simon Tuttle, age 4, John Tuttell, age 1. Also with Joan Antrobus, age 60, mother of Mrs. Joan Tuttell, Joan (Lawrence) Giddings, age 20 and her husband George Giddings, age 25. Jane Giddings was the daughter of Joan Antrobus Lawrence Tuttle. John remained at Ipswich as a mercer but made trips for his business. He died in Carrickfergus, Ireland in 1656. Apparently Joan had followed John there as she wrote from there in 1689 to George Giddings. Son Thomas Lawrence came later. See the Thomas Book, page 399. The other two Tuttle heads of families were brothers of John as confirmed by pages 129 and 135 of the Great Migration source cited above. They were sons of Simon Tuttle and Isabel Wells from Ringstead, Northampton, England.RICHARD TUTTLE, age 32, husbandman of Ringstead, Northamptonshire, to settle at Boston;WILLIAM TUTTLE, age 26, husbandman of Ringstead, Northamptonshire, wife Elizabeth, age 23, to settle at Boston with 3 young children. William built a windmill at Charlestown; William moved to New Haven, Ct. Richard and William Tuttle were brothers, children of Simon and Isabel Wells Tuttle,and relationship to brother John Tuttell, 1596, also of the Planter in 1635 was confirmed by "The Great Migration," vol 7, T-Y, pages 129 and 135. One source for William that cites sources is That source also lists William's children and where they were each born.And there were other Tuttle and Tuthill families that also immigrated to Massachusetts. They have been greatly mixed. It has taken much time but now many are successfully separated.AT LEAST 4 TUTTLE FAMILIES Immigrated to NEW ENGLAND In 1635.“Four distinct families by the name of Tuttle immigrated from England in 1635, and three of them arrived at Boston on the ‘Planter’ in the spring of that year. THE HEADS OF THESE THREE FAMILIES WERE: JOHN, WHO SETTLED IN IPSWICH; RICHARD, WHO REMAINED IN BOSTON; WILLIAM, WHO WENT TO NEW HAVEN. THE FOURTH WAS THAT OF ANOTHER JOHN TUTTLE, WHO EMBARKED ON THE ILL-FATED ‘ANGEL GABRIEL’ WHICH WAS WRECKED ON THE ROCKY COAST OF MAINE, AUGUST 15, 1634. THIS JOHN TUTTLE SETTLED IN DOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE, prior to 1640, and became the progenitor of a numerous posterity. In the same year arrived another immigrant, whose descendants are numerous and have been conspicuously identified with the history of New York from a very early period in it settlement to the present day. Many prominent citizens of Orange county have borne and now bear the name.”YET ANOTHER DIFFERENT JOHN TUTHILL WAS THE SON OF HENRY TUTHILL, FROM SAXLINGHAM, NORFOLK, ENGLAND. Henry, son of John Tuthill, born 1580, resided at Tharston, Norfolk, England. He married Alice Gooch as confirmed by his will. Their son “HENRY WAS BAPTIZED 28 JUNE, 1612 AT THARSTON. HE MARRIED IN ENGLAND, BRIDGET WHO ACCOMPANIED HIM TO AMERICA IN 1635. IN THAT YEAR HE SETTLED IN HINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS, where he had a planting lot at Broad Cove and a house lot in 1637. He was admitted freeman in March, 1638, and served as constable in 1640. He sold his property there June 20, 1644, and removed to Southold, New York, where he died before 1650. His wife survived him and married (second) William Wells, of Southold. Children: John, Elizabeth, Nathaniel, Daniel.” The Houghton history attached has some good information for this nuclear family, but the birthplace of John Tuttell, 2nd husband of Joane Antrobus, does not have a source and all that is known is that he married at St. Albans about 1627. Origin unknown. Please do not confuse this Joane Antrobus Lawrence Tuttell with her mother, the widow Joan Arnold Antrobus, (her married name) that is mentioned on the immigration record.

Michael Todd

M, b. June 15, 1653, d. September 12, 1712


Family: Elizabeth Brown (b. circa 1675, d. 1740)


  • Birth: Michael Todd was born on June 15, 1653 in New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut.
  • Death: He died on September 12, 1712, at age 59, in New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut.

Elizabeth Brown

F, b. circa 1675, d. 1740

Family: Michael Todd (b. June 15, 1653, d. September 12, 1712)


  • Birth: Elizabeth Brown was born circa 1675.
  • Death: She died in 1740 in New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut.

Christopher William Todd

M, b. January 11, 1617, d. April 23, 1686


Family: Grace Middlebrook (b. 1620, d. April 23, 1686)


  • Birth: Christopher William Todd was born on January 11, 1617 in England.
  • Marriage: He and Grace Middlebrook were married in 1636 in New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut.
  • Death: Christopher William Todd died on April 23, 1686, at age 69, in New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut.

Grace Middlebrook

F, b. 1620, d. April 23, 1686

Family: Christopher William Todd (b. January 11, 1617, d. April 23, 1686)


  • Birth: Grace Middlebrook was born in 1620 in England.
  • Marriage: She and Christopher William Todd were married in 1636 in New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut.
  • Death: Grace Middlebrook died on April 23, 1686, at age ~66, in New Haven, New Haven Co, Connecticut.

William Todd

M, b. 1593, d. 1617

Family: Katherine Ward (b. 1596, d. 1666)


  • Birth: William Todd was born in 1593 in England.
  • Marriage: He and Katherine Ward were married in 1614.
  • Death: William Todd died in 1617, at age ~24, in York, Yorkshire, England.

Katherine Ward

F, b. 1596, d. 1666

Family: William Todd (b. 1593, d. 1617)


  • Birth: Katherine Ward was born in 1596 in England.
  • Marriage: She and William Todd were married in 1614.
  • Death: Katherine Ward died in 1666, at age ~70, in West Riding, Yorkshire, England.

Samuel Doolittle

M, b. 1685, d. 1734



  • Birth: Samuel Doolittle was born in 1685.
  • Death: He died in 1734, at age ~49.

Geraldine H DeHate

F, b. September 23, 1924, d. October 6, 2016

Family: John Woodrow Gleason (b. circa 1920, d. January 22, 1990)


  • Birth: Geraldine H DeHate was born on September 23, 1924 in Ashland, Ashland Co, Wisconsin.
  • Marriage: She and John Woodrow Gleason were married on June 14, 1947.
  • Death: Geraldine H DeHate died on October 6, 2016, at age 92, in Appleton, Outagamie Co, Wisconsin.
  • Note: Geraldine H. Gleason (Nee DeHate),
    "Dolly" "Gerry"

    Gerry, age 92, passed away peacefully with her loving family by her side on Thursday, October 6, 2016 at Brookdale Assisted Living, in Appleton, Wisconsin. She was born on September 23, 1924 in Ashland, Wisconsin to George and Amelia DeHate. Gerry met and married John Gleason on June 14, 1947. He preceded her in death in 1990. They started married life in the Milwaukee area moving to New Berlin, Wisconsin in 1959 where they raised their two sons. She was a devoted member of St. Luke Catholic Church. She worked 27 years for Briggs and Stratton Corporation, Wauwatosa. Gerry and her husband enjoyed fishing and deer hunting together. But her true enjoyment was dancing. If there was music playing, Gerry was on the dance floor with her favorite partner and dear friend, Arthur Rickert.

    She will be greatly missed by her sons; Thomas Gleason of Appleton and James (Cherie) Gleason of CO. grandchildren; Brian (Lisa) Gleason, Katie Gleason and Russell (Samantha) Gleason, great-grandchildren; Michaela, Evan, Corbin, Breckin Gleason and Mathias "Ty" Schauf. Treasured niece and best friend, Jeanine Korenak. Adored former daughter-in-law, Linda Gleason. Also remembered by nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. Gerry was preceded in death by her parents, brothers; Howard, Joseph, Raymond, Edwin, and Gerald DeHate and sisters; Marcelline DeHate and Mabel Trottier.

    The family would like to thank the staff of Brookdale for their wonderful care.

    Visitation will be held on Tuesday, October 11, at ST. LUKE CATHOLIC CHURCH, 18000 W. Greenfield Ave., Brookfield, from 10:00-10:45 AM. Mass of Christian Burial 11:00 AM. Interment at Holy Cross Cemetery.

    In lieu of flowers, donations to the Alzheimers Foundation preferred.

    To receive this obituary/directions, please text 1660479 to 414-301-6422

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    Milw. 262-827-0659 Wauk. 262-549-0659
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Jeff Novak


Abby Craig



  • Descendant of an Immigrant on: Maria Magdalena

Aaron Bailey

M, b. July 28, 1765


Family: Elizabeth Wallingford (b. September 14, 1767, d. August 4, 1814)


  • Birth: Aaron Bailey was born on July 28, 1765 in New Hampshire.
  • Marriage: He and Elizabeth Wallingford were married on May 17, 1785 in Hollis, Hillsborough Co, New Hampshire.
  • Death: Aaron Bailey died in Indiana.

Elizabeth Wallingford

F, b. September 14, 1767, d. August 4, 1814


Family: Aaron Bailey (b. July 28, 1765)


  • Birth: Elizabeth Wallingford was born on September 14, 1767 in New Hampshire.
  • Marriage: She and Aaron Bailey were married on May 17, 1785 in Hollis, Hillsborough Co, New Hampshire.
  • Death: Elizabeth Wallingford died on August 4, 1814, at age 46, in Attica, Wyoming Co, New York.

Daniel Bailey

M, b. March 13, 1728, d. January 15, 1798


Family: Rebekah Farnsworth (b. July 23, 1729, d. June 8, 1805)


  • Birth: Daniel Bailey was born on March 13, 1728 in Middleton, Essex Co, Massachusetts.
  • Marriage: He and Rebekah Farnsworth were married on November 27, 1746.
  • Death: Daniel Bailey died on January 15, 1798, at age 69, in Hollis, Hillsborough Co, New Hampshire.
  • Note: Source: An Account of Some of the Early Settlers of West Dunstable, Monson and Hollis, NH - Charles S. Spaulding
    Daniel Bailey, Sr., son of Benjamin, formerly from Salem, Mass., and Mary Parmenter Bailey was born in Middleton, Mass., March 18, 1728. He married Rebekah Farnsworth, daughter of Joseph Farnsworth of Groton, Mass, in 1751, and settled in Stowe. Mr. Bailey, prior to 1759, purchased the Moses Saunders estate in Monson, N. H., and removed there. He built the old house in place of a log hut, and soon after repaired the old saw mill and carried on milling.
    Mr. Bailey served in the French war. He also served in the war of the revolution, at Cambridge three months in 1775, in the northern campaign in 1777, at Rhode Island in 1778 and 1779. He was a large land holder.
    His Children were: Joel, born in Stowe, December 11 1751; married Mary Wheeler in 1776; residence Hollis; died December 28, 1815. Andrew, born in Stowe, January 4, 1754; he was in the war of the Revolution; died November 13, 1781; unmarried. Capt Daniel, Jr. born in Stowe, December 8, 1755; married Elizabeth French, March 4, 1784; residence homestead; died March 13, 1847. Joanna, born in Stowe, January 30, 1758; married Ebenezer Melvin, Jr., February 20, 1777; residence, Groton. Rebekah, born in Monson, July 24, 1760; married Jesse Hardy, January 3, 1788; died ------1792. Sarah, born in Monson, July 24, 1763, married Oliver Willoby, January 31, 1787; married second time Enoch Jewett in 1837. Aaron, born in Monson, June 28, 1765; married Elizabeth Wallingsford, May 17, 1785; remained in New York. Mary, born in Monson, November 16, 1768; married Solomon Hardy in 1796; removed to Dublin.
    Mr. Bailey died January 15, 1798, aged about 70. Mrs. Rebekah, his wife, died June 8, 1805, age 73.

Rebekah Farnsworth

F, b. July 23, 1729, d. June 8, 1805


Family: Daniel Bailey (b. March 13, 1728, d. January 15, 1798)


  • Birth: Rebekah Farnsworth was born on July 23, 1729 in Concord, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts.
  • Marriage: She and Daniel Bailey were married on November 27, 1746.
  • Death: Rebekah Farnsworth died on June 8, 1805, at age 75, in Hollis, Hillsborough Co, New Hampshire.

Benjamin Bailey

M, b. circa 1705, d. May 1760


Family: Mary Parmenter (b. circa 1705, d. January 11, 1769)


  • Birth: Benjamin Bailey was born circa 1705 in Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts.
  • Death: He died in May 1760 in Stow, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts.

Mary Parmenter

F, b. circa 1705, d. January 11, 1769

Family: Benjamin Bailey (b. circa 1705, d. May 1760)


  • Birth: Mary Parmenter was born circa 1705.
  • Death: She died on January 11, 1769.

Thomas Bayley

M, b. circa 1656, d. 1714

Family: Elizabeth Wilkins (b. 1664, d. 1715)


  • Birth: Thomas Bayley was born circa 1656.
  • Death: He died in 1714 in Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Wilkins

F, b. 1664, d. 1715


Family: Thomas Bayley (b. circa 1656, d. 1714)


  • Birth: Elizabeth Wilkins was born in 1664 in Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts.
  • Death: She died in 1715, at age ~51, in Middleton, Essex Co, Massachusetts.

John Wilkins

M, b. March 22, 1642, d. 1672


  • Father: Bray Wilkins (b. circa 1610, d. January 12, 1702)
  • Mother: Hannah Way (b. March 3, 1616, d. January 26, 1702)



  • Birth: John Wilkins was born on March 22, 1642.
  • Death: He died in 1672, at age ~30.

Bray Wilkins

M, b. circa 1610, d. January 12, 1702

Family: Hannah Way (b. March 3, 1616, d. January 26, 1702)


  • Birth: Bray Wilkins was born circa 1610 in England.
  • Death: He died on January 12, 1702 in Salem, Essex Co, Massachusetts.

Hannah Way

F, b. March 3, 1616, d. January 26, 1702


Family: Bray Wilkins (b. circa 1610, d. January 12, 1702)


  • Birth: Hannah Way was born on March 3, 1616 in Devon, England.
  • Death: She died on January 26, 1702, at age 85, in Middleton, Essex Co, Massachusetts.

Henry Way

M, b. 1583, d. March 24, 1667

Family: Elizabeth Batchelar (b. 1587, d. June 23, 1665)

  • Hannah Way (b. March 3, 1616, d. January 26, 1702)


  • Birth: Henry Way was born in 1583 in England.
  • Marriage: He and Elizabeth Batchelar were married on January 22, 1615 in Dorset, Devonshire, England.
  • Death: Henry Way died on March 24, 1667, at age ~84, in Dorchester, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts.