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Hezekiah Sabin

M, b. 1692, d. February 1791

Family: Zerviah Hosmer (b. October 9, 1695)


  • Birth: Hezekiah Sabin was born in 1692 in Pomfret, Windham Co, Connecticut.
  • Death: He died in February 1791, at age ~99, in Pomfret, Windham Co, Connecticut.

Zerviah Hosmer

F, b. October 9, 1695

Family: Hezekiah Sabin (b. 1692, d. February 1791)


  • Birth: Zerviah Hosmer was born on October 9, 1695 in Marlborough, Middlesex Co, Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Rothenbach

F, b. June 17, 1859, d. December 10, 1930


Family: Peter Mirkes (b. January 6, 1857, d. November 9, 1933)


  • Birth: Elizabeth Rothenbach was born on June 17, 1859 in Black Wolf, Winnebago Co, Wisconsin.
  • Marriage: She and Peter Mirkes were married in 1883.
  • Death: Elizabeth Rothenbach died on December 10, 1930, at age 71, in Oshkosh, Winnebago Co, Wisconsin.

Peter Mirkes

M, b. January 6, 1857, d. November 9, 1933

Family: Elizabeth Rothenbach (b. June 17, 1859, d. December 10, 1930)


  • Birth: Peter Mirkes was born on January 6, 1857 in Winnebago County, Wisconsin.
  • Marriage: He and Elizabeth Rothenbach were married in 1883.
  • Death: Peter Mirkes died on November 9, 1933, at age 76, in Oshkosh, Winnebago Co, Wisconsin.

Jacob Rothenbach

M, b. October 15, 1860, d. January 22, 1923


Family: Augusta Schmit (b. June 1866)


  • Birth: Jacob Rothenbach was born on October 15, 1860.
  • Marriage: He and Augusta Schmit were married in 1885.
  • Death: Jacob Rothenbach died on January 22, 1923, at age 62, in Oshkosh, Winnebago Co, Wisconsin.

Augusta Schmit

F, b. June 1866

Family: Jacob Rothenbach (b. October 15, 1860, d. January 22, 1923)


  • Birth: Augusta Schmit was born in June 1866 in Prussia.
  • Marriage: She and Jacob Rothenbach were married in 1885.

Agnes Rothenbach

F, b. March 1863


Family: August Ristow (b. February 1862)


  • Birth: Agnes Rothenbach was born in March 1863 in Wisconsin.
  • Marriage: She and August Ristow were married in 1888.

August Ristow

M, b. February 1862

Family: Agnes Rothenbach (b. March 1863)


  • Birth: August Ristow was born in February 1862 in Germany.
  • Marriage: He and Agnes Rothenbach were married in 1888.

John Carl Rothenbach

M, b. October 1867, d. May 1947


Family: Oletia Partopke (b. circa 1870, d. September 1949)


  • Birth: John Carl Rothenbach was born in October 1867 in Wisconsin.
  • Marriage: He and Oletia Partopke were married on June 13, 1888 in Oshkosh, Winnebago Co, Wisconsin.
  • Death: John Carl Rothenbach died in May 1947, at age 79.

Oletia Partopke

F, b. circa 1870, d. September 1949

Family: John Carl Rothenbach (b. October 1867, d. May 1947)


  • Birth: Oletia Partopke was born circa 1870 in Germany.
  • Marriage: She and John Carl Rothenbach were married on June 13, 1888 in Oshkosh, Winnebago Co, Wisconsin.
  • Death: Oletia Partopke died in September 1949.

Catherine Perseau

F, b. 1848, d. February 19, 1911

Family: Modeste Charlebois (b. 1847, d. May 27, 1923)


  • Birth: Catherine Perseau was born in 1848 in Qu├ębec, Canada.
  • Marriage: She and Modeste Charlebois were married on April 27, 1871.
  • Death: Catherine Perseau died on February 19, 1911, at age ~63, in Nepean, Carleton, Ontario, Canada.

Frank Edward Aebischer

M, b. May 24, 1872, d. October 31, 1925

Family: Clara Ebert (b. December 17, 1876, d. December 17, 1957)


  • Birth: Frank Edward Aebischer was born on May 24, 1872 in Charlestown, Calumet Co, Wisconsin.
  • Marriage: He and Clara Ebert were married on September 2, 1896 in Calumet County, Wisconsin.
  • Death: Frank Edward Aebischer died on October 31, 1925, at age 53.

Marie Cecile Lalonde

F, b. October 1, 1915



  • Birth: Marie Cecile Lalonde was born on October 1, 1915 in Lafontaine, Ontario, Canada.

Ambrose Senat Lalonde

M, b. May 9, 1917


Family: Helen Kirby


  • Birth: Ambrose Senat Lalonde was born on May 9, 1917 in Lafontaine, Ontario, Canada.

Helen Kirby


Family: Ambrose Senat Lalonde (b. May 9, 1917)

Freida Stella Lalonde

F, b. 1925, d. March 14, 2009



  • Birth: Freida Stella Lalonde was born in 1925.
  • Death: She died on March 14, 2009, at age ~84.
  • Note: ROBITAILLE, Frieda Stella (Lalonde) In her 84th year, died peacefully on Saturday, March 14th after a courageous battle with cancer, with her family by her side. She is predeceased by her parents Paul and Elizabeth Lalonde, her brother and sister-in-law Morille and Marie, her brother Ambrose and her sister Imelda. Frieda is survived by her loving husband Ronald, sons Paul of Penetanguishene and Brent (Cathy) of Penetanguishene, sisters Marie Caddick of Oshawa and Sister Mary Labour Doreen) of Kingston and brother Montcalm (Rita) of Penetanguishene. She will be sadly missed by her grandchildren Lydia, Miriam, Danielle and Katelyn. She will be fondly remembered by her many nieces, nephews, friends and sister-in-law Helen Lalonde (Kerby). Frieda's family would like to express their sincere gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Archer, Dr. McCutcheon, Cindy at CCAC, the compassionate nurses and PSW's who cared for Frieda, and finally the nursing staff at Hillcrest Village/Heritage Place whose support and kindness will never be forgotten. Visitation will be held at the NICHOLLS FUNERAL HOME, 330 Midland Ave., Midland, on Tuesday, March 17th from 7-9pm. A funeral mass will be celebrated at St. Margaret's Church, Hugel Ave., Midland, on Wednesday, March 18th at 10am. If desired, memorial donations to the Canadian Cancer Society would be appreciated.

Ronald Robitaille


Family: Freida Stella Lalonde (b. 1925, d. March 14, 2009)

Imelda Lalonde



Family: Alfred Pitz

Alfred Pitz


Montcalm Lalonde



Mary Dorcina Bourdon

F, b. August 7, 1905

Family: Russell Raymond Lalonde (b. November 30, 1909)


  • Birth: Mary Dorcina Bourdon was born on August 7, 1905 in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.
  • Marriage: She and Russell Raymond Lalonde were married on January 17, 1928 in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.

Antoine Leon Lalonde

M, b. October 4, 1911



  • Birth: Antoine Leon Lalonde was born on October 4, 1911 in Lafontaine, Ontario, Canada.

Emma Lalonde

F, b. 1892


Family: Herbert Lortie (b. 1885)


  • Birth: Emma Lalonde was born in 1892.
  • Marriage: She and Herbert Lortie were married on February 13, 1912 in Lafontaine, Ontario, Canada.

Herbert Lortie

M, b. 1885

Family: Emma Lalonde (b. 1892)


  • Birth: Herbert Lortie was born in 1885.
  • Marriage: He and Emma Lalonde were married on February 13, 1912 in Lafontaine, Ontario, Canada.

Stephen Dorion

M, b. May 8, 1895, d. November 19, 1952

Family: Alexina Lalonde (b. 1896, d. May 12, 1951)


  • Birth: Stephen Dorion was born on May 8, 1895.
  • Marriage: He and Alexina Lalonde were married on April 29, 1914 in Lafontaine, Ontario, Canada.
  • Death: Stephen Dorion died on November 19, 1952, at age 57.