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Eula Eve Toffier

F, b. March 17, 1897, d. April 1982


Family: Benjamin Holz (b. circa 1895)


  • Birth: Eula Eve Toffier was born on March 17, 1897.
  • Death: She died in April 1982, at age 85, in Gretna, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

Ludie Bonvillian

F, b. circa 1880

Family: Walter J Toffier (b. June 8, 1879)


  • Birth: Ludie Bonvillian was born circa 1880.

William J Warren

M, b. circa 1880

Family: Mary Augusta Toffier (b. June 5, 1881)


  • Birth: William J Warren was born circa 1880.

Edmond Gaston Boutte

M, b. April 24, 1875, d. April 20, 1961

Family: Mary Anita Toffier (b. August 15, 1883, d. April 21, 1969)


  • Birth: Edmond Gaston Boutte was born on April 24, 1875 in Iberia Parish, Louisiana.
  • Death: He died on April 20, 1961, at age 85, in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana.

Rosser Joseph Stroble

M, b. circa 1890

Family: Clara Ann Toffier (b. September 23, 1890, d. March 15, 1973)


  • Birth: Rosser Joseph Stroble was born circa 1890.

Benjamin Holz

M, b. circa 1895

Family: Eula Eve Toffier (b. March 17, 1897, d. April 1982)


  • Birth: Benjamin Holz was born circa 1895.

Pierre Joseph Louis Durand

M, b. July 14, 1860, d. January 30, 1888

Family: Sophie Toffier (b. February 4, 1860, d. May 1, 1922)


  • Birth: Pierre Joseph Louis Durand was born on July 14, 1860.
  • Marriage: He and Sophie Toffier were married on June 1, 1880.
  • Death: Pierre Joseph Louis Durand died on January 30, 1888, at age 27.

Annette Marie Durand

F, b. March 3, 1881, d. October 14, 1948


Family: Emilie Maximillian Vuillemot (b. October 3, 1873, d. September 7, 1929)


  • Birth: Annette Marie Durand was born on March 3, 1881.
  • Marriage: She and Emilie Maximillian Vuillemot were married on January 6, 1902.
  • Death: Annette Marie Durand died on October 14, 1948, at age 67.

Therese Corinne Durand

F, b. July 8, 1883, d. circa 1884



  • Birth: Therese Corinne Durand was born on July 8, 1883.
  • Death: She died circa 1884.

Aminthe Durand

F, b. circa 1886, d. 1931


Family 1: George Mansur (b. circa 1885)

Family 2: Zacharie Domengeaux (b. circa 1885)


  • Birth: Aminthe Durand was born circa 1886.
  • Marriage: She and Zacharie Domengeaux were married on July 21, 1903.
  • Death: Aminthe Durand died in 1931.

Louis Joseph Durand

M, b. February 1, 1888, d. July 27, 1922


Family: Aline Aucoin (b. circa 1888)


  • Birth: Louis Joseph Durand was born on February 1, 1888.
  • Death: He died on July 27, 1922, at age 34.

Louise Durand

F, b. February 1, 1889, d. October 1979


Family: J W Stack (b. circa 1885)


  • Birth: Louise Durand was born on February 1, 1889.
  • Death: She died in October 1979, at age 90, in Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan.

Emilie Maximillian Vuillemot

M, b. October 3, 1873, d. September 7, 1929

Family: Annette Marie Durand (b. March 3, 1881, d. October 14, 1948)


  • Birth: Emilie Maximillian Vuillemot was born on October 3, 1873 in Youngsville, Lafayette Parish, Louisiana.
  • Marriage: He and Annette Marie Durand were married on January 6, 1902.
  • Death: Emilie Maximillian Vuillemot died on September 7, 1929, at age 55, in Iberia Parish, Louisiana.
  • Note: BIOGRAPHY: Louisiana: Comprising Sketches of Parishes, Towns, Events, Institutions, and
    Persons, Arranged in Cyclopedic Form (volume 3), pp. 447-449. Edited by Alce
    Fortier, Lit.D. Published in 1914, by Century Historical Association.

    BIOGRAPHY: Vuillemot, Emile, attorney, St. Martinville, St. Martin parish, La., was born
    at New Iberia, La., Oct. 3, 1873; son of Jean Marie Vuillemot, who was born at
    Lyons, France, Aug. 16, 1848, and died at New Iberia, La., Dec. 5, 1911. The
    paternal grandfather, Adrien Vuillemot, was born at Venere, Department de
    Haute Saone, France. He came to America, accompanied by his family, in the
    year 1857, locating at Loreauville, Iberia parish, La., where he shortly
    afterward engaged in mercantile business, to which avocation he devoted all of
    the active portion of his life. Some time afterward he removed his business
    to the town of St. Martinville, and thereafter conducted a general merchandise
    business at the latter location until the time of his death, in May, 1890.
    Jean Marie Vuillemot, the father was engaged in mercantile business at New
    Iberia until 1884, when he entered the service of the Williams & Richardson
    Co., as a traveling salesman, remaining in this connection thereafter until
    the end of his life. Emile Vuillemot was the 3rd of 17 children born to his
    parents. Of this family 7 children are now living. Emile was educated at the
    public schools of New Orleans. At the early age of 14 years the lad began
    work in the wholesale dry goods and notion house of Williams, Richardson &
    Co., where he passed 2 years and then found employment with S. Dalsheimer &
    Co., New Orleans, for a period of about 18 months, which, in turn, was
    succeeded by 2 years in the service of Glover & Odendahl, grain dealers.
    Following this he went to Loreauville and took charge of the management of his
    maternal grandfather's plantation. After one year here he became deputy
    assessor of Iberia parish, but in connection with the duties of this office
    continued also as manager of his grandfather's plantation during about 8
    years. His work as deputy assessor was continued until Dec., 1903, from which
    time until May, 1904, he was employed in making abstracts of title for the
    firm of Wisner & Dresser. Upon the latter date he was appointed tax clerk in
    the office of the auditor of the state of Louisiana, at Baton Rouge, under the
    incumbency of the Hon. Martin Behrman, at this time Mayor of the city of New
    Orleans. He continued as tax clerk until Sept. 1, 1908, and during the 4-year
    term of his service here attended the law department of Louisiana State
    university. As a result of his diligent application to his law books, in May,
    1908, he was licensed to practice law and admitted to the Louisiana bar. In
    September of that year he removed to St. Martinville, and there began the
    practice of the profession for which it has since become manifest he is
    eminently qualified. Attorney Vuillemot has now been in practice about 6
    years, and his reputation as an able and zealous attorney has become firmly
    established. Jan. 6, 1902, Mr. Vuillemot was married to Miss Anette Durand,
    daughter of Louis Durand of St. Martinville, La. The union of Mr. and Mrs.
    Vuillemot has been blessed with 6 children, whose names follow in the order of
    their birth: Odette, Marcelle, Madeline, Cressy, Harold and Leonard.
    Mr. Vuillemot is a member of the Roman Catholic.

Marcelle Vuillemot

F, b. September 9, 1904, d. February 1985


Family: Henry George Segura (b. circa 1900)


  • Birth: Marcelle Vuillemot was born on September 9, 1904.
  • Death: She died in February 1985, at age 80, in New Iberia, Iberia Parish, Louisiana.

Madeline Vuillemot

F, b. March 29, 1906, d. January 6, 1996



  • Birth: Madeline Vuillemot was born on March 29, 1906.
  • Death: She died on January 6, 1996, at age 89.

Cressy James Vuillemot

M, b. January 25, 1908, d. March 1984



  • Birth: Cressy James Vuillemot was born on January 25, 1908.
  • Death: He died in March 1984, at age 76.

Odette Vuillemot

F, b. 1903


Family: Willson Wittelsberger (b. 1904, d. May 5, 1990)


  • Birth: Odette Vuillemot was born in 1903 in New Iberia, Iberia Parish, Louisiana.

Harold A Vuillemot

M, b. 1910


Family: Tula Migues


  • Birth: Harold A Vuillemot was born in 1910 in New Iberia, Iberia Parish, Louisiana.

Leonard J Vuillemot

M, b. February 23, 1913, d. October 21, 1987



  • Birth: Leonard J Vuillemot was born on February 23, 1913.
  • Death: He died on October 21, 1987, at age 74.

Charles Nick Vuillemot

M, b. January 27, 1918, d. May 9, 1995



  • Birth: Charles Nick Vuillemot was born on January 27, 1918.
  • Marriage: He was married on April 29, 1942 in Allemand, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana.
  • Death: He died on May 9, 1995, at age 77.
  • Note: Information provided by Suzanne Vuillemot Sloan---

    Charles Vuillemot, Sr. was born 27 Jan 1918. He and his twin sister Eloise were the youngest of nine children born to Emile Maximillian Vuillemot and Annette Durand. He was always known as Nick, a nickname given to him because he always asked his older siblings for a "nick" meaning nickel. His father was the District Attorney for Iberia and St. Mary parishes.

    The family was fairly affluent until their father's death caused by kidney disease. It was the time of The Great Depression and as Nick used to say, the silver spoon in his mouth turned to brass. Without the salary from their father, the family's fortunes quickly changed. The older siblings all went to work to support the household. When they were in their late teens, Eloise committed suicide, an event that disturbed Nick greatly. He refused to ever discuss this with any of his family.

    He was introduced to his future wife, Joan Paula Rockenfield, by her college roommate, Aline Compton Porter. He was much more outgoing than she, but he courted her and won her heart. They were married in Des Allemands, LA on 14 June 1942 and left the next day by train from New Orleans so that he could attend Officer's Candidate School at Fort Benning, GA. He served with The Fifth Army in Northern Africa and Italy during WWII.

    After the war they returned to New Iberia, bought a home , and Nick studied to become a Realtor. He became a partner with one of his older sisters, Madeline "Mado" Vuillemot, in an insurance and real estate company. During the fifties and early sixties his drinking became a serious problem, and he came to realize that he was an alcoholic. With no help other than the support offered by Joan, he stopped drinking and never again returned to it.

    He was a member and later commanding officer of the New Iberia National Guard, retiring with the rank of Major.He was active in many civic organizations.and also held positions that included being director of Civil Defense and manager of Iberia Parish Regional Airport, while still selling real estate.

    He had a good sense of humor and loved making people laugh, the cornier the joke, the better.He was an avid fisherman, an excellent dancer, and a kind and loving father.

    Until my Mother's death in 1977 I hadn't realized just how much he loved her. Although he did have lady friends in later years, no one ever took her place in his heart. In the 80's he was diagnosed with Alzheimer;s Disease which began to steal his mind bit by bit. One of the things he never forgot was Mama. He died in May 1995.

    From Cathie Whitley Barron--I remember Uncle Nick always wearing a cap.Two other fond memories were him calling me Kakky Lou, wich I thought was a cute nickname and for some reason I remember him telling me as a child, "Kakky Lou, if you have one more dollar coming in than you have going out, you are rich". I have no memory of why he would tell me that, but I've never forgotten it.

    Cathie, some embellishments to Suzanne's wonderful biography of my father.

    Not only was he the Commanding Officer of Company C, 156h Infantry, 5th Army, LA Army National Guard in New Iberia, LA, he was also the First Sergeant (Top enlisted man) of that unit prior to going to OCS at Ft. Benning, GA. There is a plaque on the Armory building attesting to that fact. No other person has done that before or after him. I spent 9 years in the US Army and never saw that anywhere else. Very unusual for an enlisted man to become an officer, much less be the 1st SGT and C.O.

    He was attached to the staff of Lieutenant General (3 stars) Mark Clark as a Logistician while in Italy during WW II. When he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant on 9-9-1944, GEN Clark personally pinned his new 1st LT bars on him. There is a picture of that event on the wall of my office; if anyone would like a copy, it can be arranged. Let me know.

    When my mother was dying from cancer, I saw first hand the love he had for.

Eloise Vuillemot

F, b. circa 1919, d. November 1935



  • Birth: Eloise Vuillemot was born circa 1919.
  • Death: She died in November 1935.

Emile Vuillemot



Henry George Segura

M, b. circa 1900

Family: Marcelle Vuillemot (b. September 9, 1904, d. February 1985)


  • Birth: Henry George Segura was born circa 1900.

George Segura



Louise Colgin


Family: Cressy James Vuillemot (b. January 25, 1908, d. March 1984)