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Michael Hermanus Kinkelaar

M, b. September 8, 1827, d. June 3, 1896

Family: Geertruid Wensink (b. November 11, 1830, d. September 2, 1915)


  • Birth: Michael Hermanus Kinkelaar was born on September 8, 1827 in Didam, Gelderland, Netherlands.
  • Marriage: He and Geertruid Wensink were married on May 16, 1854 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, Ohio.
  • Death: Michael Hermanus Kinkelaar died on June 3, 1896, at age 68, in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, Ohio.

Lorlys Frederick O'Connell

M, b. March 24, 1915, d. December 21, 1976


Family: June Gullickson (b. March 19, 1919, d. February 13, 1986)


  • Birth: Lorlys Frederick O'Connell was born on March 24, 1915 in North Dakota.
  • Death: He died on December 21, 1976, at age 61, in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa Co, Wisconsin.

June Gullickson

F, b. March 19, 1919, d. February 13, 1986



  • Birth: June Gullickson was born on March 19, 1919 in Sand Creek, Dunn Co, Wisconsin.
  • Death: She died on February 13, 1986, at age 66.
  • Note: June Gullickson was born in Sand Creek, WI on March 19, 1919. She lived and worked on a family farm. She also worked with her nine siblings on the family farm. She had four brothers and five sisters. She never did go to college, but she loved bowling as she got older. Later she moved to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, twenty five miles south of Sand Creek.
    In Chippewa Falls, June met someone she would have for the rest of her life. There, at the Pines (a dancing and banquet hall), June met Lorlys O'Connell. She got married to Lorlys around 1932. With Lorlys, June had four children: Timothy John, Jon "Odie", Patrick, and Tom O'Connell.
    For the rest of their lives, they lived in Chippewa Falls. June and Lorlys worked at the Northern Center working with the mentally challenged. Although their position there was unknown, they enjoyed helping disadvantaged children and young adults.
    When their children were fully grown, Timothy married Joyce Brenda Price, Patrick married Mary Borman, Odie married Eunice Novotny though the latest wife is Sherry Gutknecht and Tom married Vivian. Altogether the Gullickson/O'Connell couple had nine grandchildren. How sweet!
    On December 21, 1976 a tragedy struck that would widow June for the last ten years of her life. He died from heart problems caused by his cigarette smoking. Unfortunately, June had about a three year battle with cancer in her kidneys before she died on February 13, 1986. They are both buried at Calvary Catholic Cemetery. I'm proud of my family and I think they led a pretty neat life. And if it weren't for them me, my brother, or my cousins would be here.
    Olivia O'Connell, 2011.

Madeline Halbach



Annette Malliet


Family: Karl Huiting

Ann Halbach



Family: Joey Meyers

Samuel Brantmeier


Family: Living

Olivia Halbach



Francois Bastarche

M, b. circa 1685

Family: Agnes Leblanc (b. circa 1685)


  • Birth: Francois Bastarche was born circa 1685.

Agnes Leblanc

F, b. circa 1685

Family: Francois Bastarche (b. circa 1685)


  • Birth: Agnes Leblanc was born circa 1685.

Louis Hebert

M, b. February 11, 1819, d. February 21, 1906


Family: Marie Louise Lussier (b. September 18, 1825)


  • Birth: Louis Hebert was born on February 11, 1819 in La Prairie, Montérégie, Quebec, Canada.
  • Marriage: He and Marie Louise Lussier were married on February 27, 1843 in Napierville, Quebec, Canada.
  • Death: Louis Hebert died on February 21, 1906, at age 87, in Michigan.

Adelaide LaGasse

F, b. January 14, 1859, d. February 15, 1914


Family: Narcisse Nelson Hebert (b. April 13, 1855, d. October 12, 1921)


  • Birth: Adelaide LaGasse was born on January 14, 1859 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, Ohio.
  • Marriage: She and Narcisse Nelson Hebert were married on September 20, 1873 in Grind Stone City, Huron Co, Michigan.
  • Death: Adelaide LaGasse died on February 15, 1914, at age 55, in Bad Axe, Huron Co, Michigan.

James Winchell

M, b. circa 1825

Family: Emaline Beers (b. circa 1825)


  • Birth: James Winchell was born circa 1825.

Birdie Haney

F, b. circa 1890


Family: Lloyd William Burch (b. August 29, 1898, d. January 7, 1879)


  • Birth: Birdie Haney was born circa 1890.

Emaline Beers

F, b. circa 1825

Family: James Winchell (b. circa 1825)


  • Birth: Emaline Beers was born circa 1825.

Aaron H Winchell

M, b. November 1884



  • Birth: Aaron H Winchell was born in November 1884.

Lloyd William Burch

M, b. August 29, 1898, d. January 7, 1879


Family: Birdie Haney (b. circa 1890)


  • Birth: Lloyd William Burch was born on August 29, 1898.
  • Death: He died on January 7, 1879, at age ~0, in Monroe County, Wisconsin.

Rose Lilther

F, b. circa 1865

Family: Karl Muenzer (b. circa 1852)


  • Birth: Rose Lilther was born circa 1865.

Francis Muenzer

M, b. circa 1895


Family: Mary Helen Klecatsky (b. circa 1895)


  • Birth: Francis Muenzer was born circa 1895.

Charlotte V (Lottie) Peaslee

F, b. January 11, 1880, d. July 19, 1974

Family: Albert Leroy Burch (b. October 31, 1878, d. September 15, 1959)


  • Birth: Charlotte V (Lottie) Peaslee was born on January 11, 1880 in Minnesota.
  • Marriage: She and Albert Leroy Burch were married in 1897.
  • Death: Charlotte V (Lottie) Peaslee died on July 19, 1974, at age 94, in Necedah, Juneau Co, Wisconsin.

Karl Muenzer

M, b. circa 1852

Family: Rose Lilther (b. circa 1865)


  • Birth: Karl Muenzer was born circa 1852.

Martin Patrick Devine

M, b. June 14, 1888, d. December 1938


Family: Olliam Hebert (b. March 2, 1890, d. 1923)


  • Birth: Martin Patrick Devine was born on June 14, 1888 in Michigan.
  • Death: He died in December 1938, at age 50.

Mary Helen Klecatsky

F, b. circa 1895

Family: Francis Muenzer (b. circa 1895)


  • Birth: Mary Helen Klecatsky was born circa 1895.

Narcisse Nelson Hebert

M, b. April 13, 1855, d. October 12, 1921


Family: Adelaide LaGasse (b. January 14, 1859, d. February 15, 1914)


  • Birth: Narcisse Nelson Hebert was born on April 13, 1855.
  • Marriage: He and Adelaide LaGasse were married on September 20, 1873 in Grind Stone City, Huron Co, Michigan.
  • Death: Narcisse Nelson Hebert died on October 12, 1921, at age 66, in Bad Axe, Huron Co, Michigan.